Sunday, April 10

Our Weekend

We have been trying to give Dylan his baby veggies for a couple of weeks now. He wants nothing to do with them! He actually cringes and spits the food in our face! He still loves to eat his oatmeal and banana cereal, though. He has started diving forward with his mouth open trying to get more cereal, which makes eating time more fun. Not only does he not like the veggies (who could blame him, yuck!), but he doesn't like apple juice, either! Who doesn't like apple juice?! I did get him to start drinking some water after we have been outside or a couple of swallows after he eats his cereal and he doesn't mind that, but I am still working on the apple juice. I will not give up on that one!

Monkey is still teething. I haven't been able to feel anything actually coming in, but he is in lots of pain off and on. He rubs his face and sucks on his hands so much his poor little skin around his mouth is getting all dry and chapped! I try to put lotion on it, but I'm not sure it is really helping. We finally found a teething gel that works. He hated the Baby Orajel so much and would just SCREAM when we used it, but for some reason the CVS brand of Baby Orajel seems to work perfectly for him and works fast, too!! :)

We took Dylan to the park on Sunday for the first time. He loved the swing and just kept laughing and staring at the ground as we would push him. Daddy took him down the slide a couple of times, too, but they both seemed bored with it quickly.

On a side note...

Am I a weird Mommy? For the past week, I have been sleeping with one of Dylan's baby blankets. I'm sure I sound ridiculous, but I have nightmares when I sleep without it! Not nightmares about Dylan, just bad dreams in general and I find that I sleep so much better with his blanket. I never grew up sleeping with a special blanket, my sister did, but now I am 26, a wife, a mother, and I have a security blanket. Hmmm.

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