Sunday, April 24

Our Weekend

We had a busy weekend! Nonnie and Duke came to spend Easter with us and we had a lot of invitations to other Easter Parties and Egg Hunts, but had to limit ourselves. Maybe next year we will have more Egg Hunting since Dylan will be able to walk and understand what it going on a bit more.

On Saturday, we went to our niece, Kati's, soccer game. It was funny to watch the little girls play (only 4 on the team). I kept saying that they all played better than I could and I wasn't lying. Anything that involves a ball that might come flying into my face, count me out. That pretty much eliminates most sports. Anyway, they were super cute and it was fun! I made our little family shirts to cheer Kati on for fun and I think they turned out cute. Pretty simple, but cute. I was proud of myself...

Here is us with the cutest soccer star, Kati...
*not pictured, Dylan - sleeping in the car with his Nonnie

When we got home from the soccer game we found a sweet Easter surprise for Dylan at the door from Papa Tom and Kristi! One of the gifts was the hooded towel that Kristi made just for Dylan with his name on it. It turned out so good and cute! It was exciting and we are sad we missed them... again! Thank you Tom and Kristi, we love you!!!

Up next: Easter presents post, stay tuned...  :)

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