Sunday, April 24

Recycled Crayons

Well, some of us had to go to school on Friday, a.k.a., Good Friday and Earth Day. To make it a tiny bit more fun, I decided to do a little Earth Day project with my class that I had never done before; make recycled crayons. I usually think that most craft projects and even projects that I try for the first time in the kitchen turn out ugly, but these crayons worked amazingly! I was so excited and so were the kids! I had never heard, "This is the best day ever!" and "You're the best teacher ever!" so many times in one day! They had so much fun and it didn't involve much work or preparation at all. It was also very cute when they would see someone in the hallway, or when someone would come into our classroom, they would jump to explain to them that we were making recycled crayons "because it is Earth Day and we are recycling." So darn cute! I hope they remember this fun little project forever.

How we did it:

First, we separated all of our old crayons and broken crayons into color coded cups and peeled the paper off of them.
I brought some silicone cupcake molds that were fun shapes and each student got to pick their own color combination and shape, then they would come up there and make their crayon.
I brought my toaster over from home to bake them in. We placed each set in the little oven for 15 minutes, or until we could tell that they were completely melted. After they were melted and basically liquid, we took them out of the oven to sit and cool. I put them in my small refrigerator to speed up the process, too.

After they were cooled and hardened, we pushed the crayons out of the mold and got this...
 Each student got to take home their personal crayon creation in a fun Easter bag and then we made some extra to keep in the classroom and for some friends. It was a blast!

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