Sunday, April 17

What's in a name?

I really can't believe that I forgot to tell everyone this little bit of info. Last Monday, one of my students came up to me right away to tell me that her baby brother was born the night before! She was super excited about it and showing me pictures that she had taken on her iPod. She told me that her mother let her help pick out her baby brother's name and she wanted to name him Dylan.

No, it wasn't a coincidence, she actually wanted to "name him after Mrs. Rhoads baby." I wasn't sure how to react to this good news, of course, I was flattered, but I was also a little... hmm, weirded out? I guess I still have mixed feelings about it, but it was very sweet of her to want to name her brother after my son immediately.

Who knew that 6-month old baby would already have someone named after him? He isn't even a King (well, not to anyone else) or anything! I guess this means her brother is going to be destined for great things in life! :)

Oh yeah, don't forget to vote! As soon as everyone does, I can shut up about it! lol

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