Monday, May 30

Perfect baby

Today was sort of mine and Dylan's first day of summer together! Daddy went to work and we spent the day together. Yes, I have spent other days with him with Mark gone before, but I guess it just seemed more official today since school is over.

He slept-in until 9:00 this morning (might have something to do with him getting up about 5 times last night, though) and he was a sweetheart and let me clean the kitchen, get dressed, do make-up, do my hair, etc. without throwing any fits. Then, he took a two-hour nap and woke up so refreshed.

Once he was up and had a bottle, we went on our first shopping trip together! We will need to get into more of a routine, but this was the first time he got to sit up in a shopping cart and actually shop with me. He was adorable and certainly had his fare share of fans wanting to grab him. Waving to people is his new thing and he kept waving to everyone we walked beside.

I know I am going to jinx myself for an entire month for bragging on him, but he was just so sweet today! :)

I know that I had to have had the shopping cart cover in completely wrong, but he didn't notice. That thing is annoying... I guess I need to learn to work it correctly.

Sunday, May 29


On Mother's Day, I mentioned here that I had been working on the gift I was planning to give to my mom, but couldn't talk about it because she hadn't seen it yet. Well, since they came in town this weekend, I was able to finally give her the gift.

Nothing extravagant, but it was my first ever sewing project. The whole thing sounds really simple, but, I have never used a sewing machine before, and this was the first thing I made with it. I thought it would be nice for my mom to have the very first thing I learned to sew. I made her dishtowels and painted a silhouette of Dylan's face on them using freezer paper.

How I made them:

1. Got flour sacks and sewed some fabric to the bottom of them to make them cuter.

2. Took a picture of Dylan from the side and printed it out to the size I wanted it. I traced around his face with a black sharpie to outline it.

 3. I put a piece of freezer paper on top of the picture and traced his outline. Then, I cut out the outline using an Xacto knife.

4. Ironed on the freezer paper shiny side down to the top of the dishtowel where I wanted it.

 5. Paint the area with fabric paint.

6. Peel off the freezer paper once the paint is dry. This is the best part!

7. There you go! You now have a cute gift for Mom's or Grandparents!

I made three different one's to make a little set of them. (Also, because I didn't know how many times I would mess up. I actually bought enough to make 6... and, I got 3.)

Wednesday, May 25

photos and more...

One of the big purchases we made when I got pregnant was our fancy camera. It has come in handy and gets used almost every day. I love that I can just keep snapping pictures and in 1 out of 30, I might get a good smile out of Monkey and I can just delete the other 29. Anyway, I have had lots of questions about my camera (Canon Rebel T1i), but not only do the pictures I take get credit from the camera, I use Picnik. It is completely free and great for editing all photos. I actually just upgraded my account to a Premium account for only $9.99. I edit all of my photos, make collages of photos, create greeting cards, cupcake toppers, etc. with Picnik. Here is an example of just simple free editing to one of Dylan's pictures...

Anyway, that is my photo secret. Go play on Picnik and have some fun!

Sunday, May 22

Fever and ice cream

Saturday morning our little monkey woke up with a fever. His little chubby cheeks were red and felt so warm all day long. He was fussy and wanted to be held the entire day, too (not like that is anything new). I figured we would have some teeth pop through, but still nothing. We decided to stay home all day and play in his new alligator shirt Mommy made him. This was my very first try at making him a onesie with wonder-under and sewing it on, too. It wasn't too bad. This was the first time ever using a sewing machine. Go mommy. Of course, now I think I have to make all of his clothes. Poor kid. After giving him some Triaminic, it seemed to get rid of his fever and he cuddled up with us to watch the All Star race. He loves watching NASCAR. I am not sure if he is already a fan, or if he enjoys the humming noise that the cars make.

Sunday, he was feeling better, so we did some shopping. I think all of the ladies need to run to Old Navy and Target and grab these cute items that I found. I can't believe that I actually bought something for myself lately. I don't even stop in the women's section anymore, I go straight to the baby isles, anyway, I love these new shorts at Old Navy. They don't fit too tight around your legs. The little dress comes in like 5 different colors at Target. I settled on black, but kind of want to go back and get other colors now. And the shoes... the shoes are adorable and, ha, I got them in the kid's section at Target. I can wear a size 3 in little girls shoes (5 in women's), but they make them up to size 5 in girls, so I think a lot of people could get them. I love love love them!

Sunday night, we walked across the street and decided to try the new yogurt shop that opened, Nikki's Swirl Shop. I got a small cup of vanilla yogurt for Dylan to try. He wasn't impressed. Instead, he was much more interested in trying to lick the glittery red booth and chairs. Eh, we can try some other time, I guess.

Friday, May 20

Dylan's 1st Field Day & Momma's Last

Dylan came to our Buddy Field Day today. He did better than I expected while surrounded by all of the kids, but that was when we were outside and he had his space. When we got inside with the kids, it was not pretty. He screamed cried the entire time until I got him into the car to go home. It was not fun. He has been getting very scared when people come up to him and talk to him or touch him. He does not like a lot of people around him. I know that I can't control it, but I get so embarrassed when he acts that way. I think I need to get him in more social situations to maybe help with it.

He did get his first picture with the Masked Rider...

Yep, I made him a matching shirt to go with my class. All of ours said "Rhoads Peeps" on them and had little peep bunnies painted with freezer paper stenciling and fabric paint. Dylan's said "Momma's Peep". It was cute. He didn't wear it very long, but still, it was cute. I taught my class how to make shirts and we wore them on Buddy Field Day and on our Field Trip. Here is a picture of all of my "peeps" on the field trip in their shirts...

Tuesday, May 17

Our Weekend

We didn't do much this weekend. Since it was really our last weekend that isn't packed full with events until mid June, we tried to stay at home and do our own thing. We did go Estate Sale shopping a little bit, though. It was kind of fun and we actually ended up buying some things. We bought a vintage couch from the 70's that I plan to have recovered in a fun funky print, a couple vintage fire truck toys that Mark plans to repaint and restore, and a old video game. The wiring seems to be a little messed up, but since Mark felt the pressure of all the men behind him with the video game and the vintage fire trucks, I think he was more influenced to buy them and try to fix them. These old men kept following us around making sure we were going to buy the things, otherwise they wanted them. These people are serious. Anyway, we didn't have to brawl over anything and got home safely with all of it. Now we look like hoarders in our garage...

Here are pictures of our fabulous finds:

The couch, isn't it just beautiful (ha!) I see potential in things, I  guess...

The vintage toy fire trucks...

Last, but not least, our broken lovely video game...

We had some fun with this kid, too...

Bath time sillies with Dylan...

Monkey flexing his muscles and Hurley trying to steal the show and get more attention...

Saturday, May 14

Happy Birthday!

Today is my best friend's birthday! I am so sad that I cannot be there to celebrate with her this weekend! I am going to try and celebrate extra hard with her in a few weeks, though. I love love love you!

P.S. - your present(s) should arrive TODAY! Get excited and be home :)

Friday, May 13

Seven months

Monkey is seven months today! He has grown so much! He is 18 lbs. and 28 inches long now. He has started eating more squash and sweet potatoes, but prefers his oatmeal banana cereal the most.

Laying on your back was soo last month! He loves to sit up like a big boy and pulls himself to a sitting position while in his bouncer. The seat belts in the bouncer, swing, and nap nanny are a must now!

We were working with him extra hard to try and say "mama" by Mother's Day and he would just look at us and smile while saying, "gee gee." He still calls me gee gee when we say "mama" to him, but we got real excited when he made the "mmmaa" sound tonight. I got my hopes up, but was later called "gee gee" again.

He loves to wave to people and animals. He also loves bath time, as I am sure you watched from the video. We signed him up for swimming lessons today and I am very excited about it. He loves water!

Naps are for babies and he doesn't think he is a baby, except when I am in the room and he starts holding his arms in the air for me to pick him up and hold him at all times. So, he hardly naps and still goes to bed around 9 or 10. We have been battling the night time bottle/rocking/tv sessions with him because his upcoming teeth are bothering him. I can't believe those little suckers haven't popped up yet!

Happy 7-month Birthday, Dylan! I love you!
Love, "gee gee" (mama)

Anyone know this kid? He looks familiar to me...

Wednesday, May 11

Dylan learns to splash!

Bath time? No, SPLASH TIME! Tonight Dylan discovered his hands and water together. He made quite the mess and played in the bath tub for about 40 minutes. He was having so much fun and it came to an end when he ran out of water because he had splashed all of it out of the tub (mostly on to Mommy)! 

Monday, May 9

Drive safely!

When I saw one of these little visor clips, I thought that it looked a little corny, but immediately thought of Mark. He needs one. He isn't a crazy driver, however, he is fearless. He thinks nothing will happen to him or anyone that he loves. I remember having to force him to wear a seat belt when we were dating, or I would not get into the car.

Anyway, I finally got around to putting a picture in it and I am planning to sneak it into his truck in the morning. We will see how long it takes him to notice! :)

Sunday, May 8

Our Weekend

Dylan has been sitting up a lot to play now and he is getting better at balancing himself, too. WE still sit right behind him or put something soft behind him for him to fall on when if that happens. Saturday we tried on our jean diapers. They were a size too big, but we still had fun messing around in them and well, they still did their job!

Chiko had fun playing in the jean diaper box and Monkey is just in awe of her every time he sees her. He is gentle and tries to pet her. It is really cute. She had some fun playing with him while inside her box, too. 

We also went to cousin Kati's birthday party Saturday night. Mom's camera was left on (oops!) and the battery died, so we weren't able to capture Dylan riding down the big blow up slide, or bouncing in the blow-up bounce house with Mommy, either. Big bummer on that! Mommy did put a princess tiara on Monkey, though, just to be festive, ya know. ;)

Sunday was a big day! My first Mother's Day! I got chocolate donuts with sprinkles and Mark made me a large floor mirror for our bedroom that I have wanted. I'll post pictures on that later, as it is unstained still because he wanted to make sure I picked out the stain color for it. I also got to clean the house and run errands, high fives all around to the Mom's that got to do the last two things like I did, too! :) I also spent a lot of time on the gift that I got my Mom for Mother's Day, but since it is sitting here still in a box, ready to bed shipped, but not in a mailbox, she doesn't know what it is and well, I don't want to spoil it.

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day! :) xoxo

Dylan and Mommy - Mother's Day 2011

Saturday, May 7

It's official

A few years ago, I bought one of these Pottery Barn dry-erase meal planners to hang in the kitchen. Mark and I were trying to come up with new things to eat for dinner and keep more of a routine, as well, and this actually really helped us. If it was on the menu for the week, that's what we ate! It also has a section to write messages, to-do lists, and the grocery list.

Sometimes we have a little fun with it and write silly messages, etc. In December 2009, I made a silly "To-Do" list on it...

I really didn't think anything of it, I was just being funny and Mark and I are the only one's that ever see it anyway. I am not sure why I even took a picture of it now, but I guess I did just in case some of it happened, I could laugh at it. I never dreamed that it would all happen so fast! Like I said, I made this list in December. Then in January 2010, I found out I was pregnant with Dylan. That spring, we bought a new car, then another new car after deciding the first one wasn't big enough. And now, yes, I have officially resigned from my job as a teacher. I have been going back and forth within my own head about this decision and thought that the answer would just come to me. It never did. I think that with the many changes that are going on in public schools, etc., I realized I wouldn't have the luxury of leaving before 4 o'clock to come home and pick Dylan up like I do now. I would be busy making completely new lesson plans, among many other things.

I know that this decision would be easy for many people if they had the opportunity to stay at home with their child, but it hasn't been for me. I actually do enjoy my job, and have grown to enjoy it more each year that goes by. This is going to be a huge change for me, as well as Mark, but I hoping that it will be a good change. I don't think that it has all "sunk in" yet and it probably won't until August comes and I see all of my former co-workers and friends getting ready for the school year to begin. I have already gone through many emotions when thinking about it; sad, stressed, torn, excited, guilty, etc.

I am very thankful to many friends, family, and co-workers for their support in making this decision. Only three more weeks to go... eeeee! :)

P.S. - Yes, I bought paper towels on my grocery list. ;)

Wednesday, May 4

Two things...

I am loving two things right now...

1) The Voice - On NBC every Tuesday night... it's our new favorite T.V. show. Move over American Idol! Mark and I were both sceptical about this show when we first head about it, but we LOVE it! I am looking forward to seeing what happens and if it stays as interesting next week when they start to work with the teams they chose. And really, I love Christina Aguilera. I have loved her so so much since she was on MMC (the modern Mickey Mouse Club for those of you that weren't cool and recorded every episode on VHS like me)!

2) This HOT PINK KitchenAid stand mixer! I really wish I didn't already have a silver one, otherwise I would try very hard to justify buying this one. It is so cute!!!

Ok, maybe there are three things that I am loving right now...

Sunday, May 1

favorite discount websites

These websites make you never want to pay full price for anything ever again! I love them and check each website every single day. They have great products and name brands. Save money. Click on them. Join. You're welcome. :)

Our Weekend

Dylan FINALLY started rolling over this weekend! For some reason he had to show off his skills with a bang, literally. I'm not sure why he couldn't just roll over on the floor like normal kids do. This was actually a horrifying experience. He had just finished his bed time bottle and Mark put him in his swing and walked to another room in the house. I was still in the living room with Dylan and actually standing there telling him to stop pulling on the teddy bear hanging above him or he would break it talking to him while he was swinging. I turned and reached for the remote control to change the channel for him and BAM! It was the worst thud anyone could ever experience. I honestly think that the sound of a gun shot would be less frightening than the sound of your child's head hitting the hardwood floors. I turned around and there he was in the middle of the floor screaming! I start screaming, Mark comes running in the room because he heard the thud and screams (mostly mine) and sees what happened. It was just awful. I guess he learned to roll over while in his swing. I mean, really, I turned for a split second. Anyway, he is just fine and has now been rolling over and over and now rolling to his sides to grab dropped toys and even sleeping on his side...

He has also started sitting up more frequently and likes playing with his toys in a sitting position, too. Yes, we are using seat belts in all things that come with them now!

When we moved into this house, for some reason the estate people missed the attic that was full of old goodies. Mostly books and a lot of dust was really in there, but we did find some old antique items, as well. We discovered a lot of cute little girl clothing and hung on to a couple of pieces we thought were cute. I remember hanging on to a cute little yellow dress and matching bloomers because they were some of the very first original Carter's brand. Anyway, Daddy left Mommy alone with Dylan and look what she did...
Hahaha, how cute is he?! I grabbed one of my own flower headbands to complete his look and started snapping pictures. Daddy was not pleased when he came home. :)

Someone's little mohawk has been getting a little long and droopy, so we decided it was time for a little trim. Brace yourself for some cute first haircut pictures!