Friday, May 20

Dylan's 1st Field Day & Momma's Last

Dylan came to our Buddy Field Day today. He did better than I expected while surrounded by all of the kids, but that was when we were outside and he had his space. When we got inside with the kids, it was not pretty. He screamed cried the entire time until I got him into the car to go home. It was not fun. He has been getting very scared when people come up to him and talk to him or touch him. He does not like a lot of people around him. I know that I can't control it, but I get so embarrassed when he acts that way. I think I need to get him in more social situations to maybe help with it.

He did get his first picture with the Masked Rider...

Yep, I made him a matching shirt to go with my class. All of ours said "Rhoads Peeps" on them and had little peep bunnies painted with freezer paper stenciling and fabric paint. Dylan's said "Momma's Peep". It was cute. He didn't wear it very long, but still, it was cute. I taught my class how to make shirts and we wore them on Buddy Field Day and on our Field Trip. Here is a picture of all of my "peeps" on the field trip in their shirts...

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