Sunday, May 22

Fever and ice cream

Saturday morning our little monkey woke up with a fever. His little chubby cheeks were red and felt so warm all day long. He was fussy and wanted to be held the entire day, too (not like that is anything new). I figured we would have some teeth pop through, but still nothing. We decided to stay home all day and play in his new alligator shirt Mommy made him. This was my very first try at making him a onesie with wonder-under and sewing it on, too. It wasn't too bad. This was the first time ever using a sewing machine. Go mommy. Of course, now I think I have to make all of his clothes. Poor kid. After giving him some Triaminic, it seemed to get rid of his fever and he cuddled up with us to watch the All Star race. He loves watching NASCAR. I am not sure if he is already a fan, or if he enjoys the humming noise that the cars make.

Sunday, he was feeling better, so we did some shopping. I think all of the ladies need to run to Old Navy and Target and grab these cute items that I found. I can't believe that I actually bought something for myself lately. I don't even stop in the women's section anymore, I go straight to the baby isles, anyway, I love these new shorts at Old Navy. They don't fit too tight around your legs. The little dress comes in like 5 different colors at Target. I settled on black, but kind of want to go back and get other colors now. And the shoes... the shoes are adorable and, ha, I got them in the kid's section at Target. I can wear a size 3 in little girls shoes (5 in women's), but they make them up to size 5 in girls, so I think a lot of people could get them. I love love love them!

Sunday night, we walked across the street and decided to try the new yogurt shop that opened, Nikki's Swirl Shop. I got a small cup of vanilla yogurt for Dylan to try. He wasn't impressed. Instead, he was much more interested in trying to lick the glittery red booth and chairs. Eh, we can try some other time, I guess.


  1. Kristen Thomas22 May, 2011

    I just bought some of those shorts yesterday, and I got the flip flops earlier this week...hahaha!!

  2. he is so cute and congrats on making your first onesie with the sewing machine!

  3. I am going to Old Navy today! Maybe I'll get some shorts!! And some 1st graders wear those sandles so I've thought about going to get them! I got a brown pair from Justice...haha!I love our little feet!