Saturday, May 7

It's official

A few years ago, I bought one of these Pottery Barn dry-erase meal planners to hang in the kitchen. Mark and I were trying to come up with new things to eat for dinner and keep more of a routine, as well, and this actually really helped us. If it was on the menu for the week, that's what we ate! It also has a section to write messages, to-do lists, and the grocery list.

Sometimes we have a little fun with it and write silly messages, etc. In December 2009, I made a silly "To-Do" list on it...

I really didn't think anything of it, I was just being funny and Mark and I are the only one's that ever see it anyway. I am not sure why I even took a picture of it now, but I guess I did just in case some of it happened, I could laugh at it. I never dreamed that it would all happen so fast! Like I said, I made this list in December. Then in January 2010, I found out I was pregnant with Dylan. That spring, we bought a new car, then another new car after deciding the first one wasn't big enough. And now, yes, I have officially resigned from my job as a teacher. I have been going back and forth within my own head about this decision and thought that the answer would just come to me. It never did. I think that with the many changes that are going on in public schools, etc., I realized I wouldn't have the luxury of leaving before 4 o'clock to come home and pick Dylan up like I do now. I would be busy making completely new lesson plans, among many other things.

I know that this decision would be easy for many people if they had the opportunity to stay at home with their child, but it hasn't been for me. I actually do enjoy my job, and have grown to enjoy it more each year that goes by. This is going to be a huge change for me, as well as Mark, but I hoping that it will be a good change. I don't think that it has all "sunk in" yet and it probably won't until August comes and I see all of my former co-workers and friends getting ready for the school year to begin. I have already gone through many emotions when thinking about it; sad, stressed, torn, excited, guilty, etc.

I am very thankful to many friends, family, and co-workers for their support in making this decision. Only three more weeks to go... eeeee! :)

P.S. - Yes, I bought paper towels on my grocery list. ;)


  1. We've appreciated you so much this year... I've not had a chance to say it, but I'm happy Zane has had you. I hope your new journey is filled w blessings!

  2. it is hard to make a decision to leave a job you like. I will say I am jealous you get to be a stay at home mom now though....that's the best, congrats!