Sunday, May 1

Our Weekend

Dylan FINALLY started rolling over this weekend! For some reason he had to show off his skills with a bang, literally. I'm not sure why he couldn't just roll over on the floor like normal kids do. This was actually a horrifying experience. He had just finished his bed time bottle and Mark put him in his swing and walked to another room in the house. I was still in the living room with Dylan and actually standing there telling him to stop pulling on the teddy bear hanging above him or he would break it talking to him while he was swinging. I turned and reached for the remote control to change the channel for him and BAM! It was the worst thud anyone could ever experience. I honestly think that the sound of a gun shot would be less frightening than the sound of your child's head hitting the hardwood floors. I turned around and there he was in the middle of the floor screaming! I start screaming, Mark comes running in the room because he heard the thud and screams (mostly mine) and sees what happened. It was just awful. I guess he learned to roll over while in his swing. I mean, really, I turned for a split second. Anyway, he is just fine and has now been rolling over and over and now rolling to his sides to grab dropped toys and even sleeping on his side...

He has also started sitting up more frequently and likes playing with his toys in a sitting position, too. Yes, we are using seat belts in all things that come with them now!

When we moved into this house, for some reason the estate people missed the attic that was full of old goodies. Mostly books and a lot of dust was really in there, but we did find some old antique items, as well. We discovered a lot of cute little girl clothing and hung on to a couple of pieces we thought were cute. I remember hanging on to a cute little yellow dress and matching bloomers because they were some of the very first original Carter's brand. Anyway, Daddy left Mommy alone with Dylan and look what she did...
Hahaha, how cute is he?! I grabbed one of my own flower headbands to complete his look and started snapping pictures. Daddy was not pleased when he came home. :)

Someone's little mohawk has been getting a little long and droopy, so we decided it was time for a little trim. Brace yourself for some cute first haircut pictures!

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