Sunday, May 8

Our Weekend

Dylan has been sitting up a lot to play now and he is getting better at balancing himself, too. WE still sit right behind him or put something soft behind him for him to fall on when if that happens. Saturday we tried on our jean diapers. They were a size too big, but we still had fun messing around in them and well, they still did their job!

Chiko had fun playing in the jean diaper box and Monkey is just in awe of her every time he sees her. He is gentle and tries to pet her. It is really cute. She had some fun playing with him while inside her box, too. 

We also went to cousin Kati's birthday party Saturday night. Mom's camera was left on (oops!) and the battery died, so we weren't able to capture Dylan riding down the big blow up slide, or bouncing in the blow-up bounce house with Mommy, either. Big bummer on that! Mommy did put a princess tiara on Monkey, though, just to be festive, ya know. ;)

Sunday was a big day! My first Mother's Day! I got chocolate donuts with sprinkles and Mark made me a large floor mirror for our bedroom that I have wanted. I'll post pictures on that later, as it is unstained still because he wanted to make sure I picked out the stain color for it. I also got to clean the house and run errands, high fives all around to the Mom's that got to do the last two things like I did, too! :) I also spent a lot of time on the gift that I got my Mom for Mother's Day, but since it is sitting here still in a box, ready to bed shipped, but not in a mailbox, she doesn't know what it is and well, I don't want to spoil it.

Hope everyone had a Happy Mother's Day! :) xoxo

Dylan and Mommy - Mother's Day 2011

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