Friday, May 13

Seven months

Monkey is seven months today! He has grown so much! He is 18 lbs. and 28 inches long now. He has started eating more squash and sweet potatoes, but prefers his oatmeal banana cereal the most.

Laying on your back was soo last month! He loves to sit up like a big boy and pulls himself to a sitting position while in his bouncer. The seat belts in the bouncer, swing, and nap nanny are a must now!

We were working with him extra hard to try and say "mama" by Mother's Day and he would just look at us and smile while saying, "gee gee." He still calls me gee gee when we say "mama" to him, but we got real excited when he made the "mmmaa" sound tonight. I got my hopes up, but was later called "gee gee" again.

He loves to wave to people and animals. He also loves bath time, as I am sure you watched from the video. We signed him up for swimming lessons today and I am very excited about it. He loves water!

Naps are for babies and he doesn't think he is a baby, except when I am in the room and he starts holding his arms in the air for me to pick him up and hold him at all times. So, he hardly naps and still goes to bed around 9 or 10. We have been battling the night time bottle/rocking/tv sessions with him because his upcoming teeth are bothering him. I can't believe those little suckers haven't popped up yet!

Happy 7-month Birthday, Dylan! I love you!
Love, "gee gee" (mama)

Anyone know this kid? He looks familiar to me...

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  1. he looks just like mark!!! how funny! I can't believe he is 7 mo. already....partly b/c that means C is getting older! he is just a cutie and I love his bathtime video too. So swimming lessons for babies? you need to do a whole post on this...what will they be teachin?