Monday, June 13

8 months

Monkey is 8 months old today! He is turning into such a big boy! He loves to wave to people when he first sees them and when they are going bye-bye. He has been working on crawling every day. He is getting very close to being on the move, but it isn't happening as fast as he wants it to! Wet wet kisses are very frequent around here now, too. He grabs my hair and face to pull it towards him to give kisses and even says "mmmm" as he does it. Super cute! Those two middle teeth finally popped through and it has helped a lot with all the slobber and pain. He loves to drink water from his big boy sippy cup. Naps are still a struggle because he is afraid that he is going to miss something.

I love you Dylan! You are growing up so fast and turning more into your Daddy everyday! Happy 8 month birthday, baby!

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  1. he is so cute! i am missin' your posts...where are you? :)