Thursday, June 30

growing up

So I decided I need to make a few changes since I am a "mom" and all now. I know, lame. I cut off my hair and also figured out that the old college girl string bikini is out of the question now, too. I put those on and feel like such a hooker now! I'm sure there are more changes to come, but for now, these are the two big ones I have noticed.

New hair cut...

New mommy-friendly swimsuit...
I wish I looked like that in it... I bet she isn't a mom, lol.

Has anyone checked out Hautelook today? They have some good stuff! Some of my favorite things, actually! Splendid clothing, Dogeared jewelry, Jessica Simpson hair extensions (fun!), etc! Go shop guys...

1 comment:

  1. omg, i have also contemplated cutting my hair off too, it is more than halfway down my back, soooo hot! and I feel the same about the bikini thing I have been searching for one that is cute, fashionable and not too mom-ish!