Friday, June 24

Horrible blogger

That's me. I have been so busy lately, I haven't blogged in weeks! I'm just going to blame Bridezilla, a.k.a. my BFF, because I have been blaming everything else on her anyway. Pretty sure she's cool with that, too. That's why she's my BFF. These past weeks have been filled with a Bachelorette party, lots of shopping, wedding after wedding, more shopping, Father's Day, more shopping, no sleeping, swimming, Monkey turning 8 months, and so on.

After my parent came a few weeks ago to help watch Dylan while Mark and I were attending several wedding festivities, they went ahead and took me back to Dallas with them since I needed to be there to start the wedding festivities with BFF. Mark came about a week and a half later to attend the wedding with me and spend Father's Day with us, then he drove us back home with him. It makes me exhausted just writing about it. Traveling with a baby is not fun. Especially when that baby hates his car seat so much. He has been throwing the biggest fits when I try to put him in his bucket. Of course, Bad Mom of the Year gave into him on the ride home and held him while he slept the entire 5 and a half hour drive. Otherwise, he screams and starts choking himself if I put him in his bucket. Dramatic, I know. I'm sure he gets that from his father (hehe).

Speaking of his father, this was Mark's 1st official Father's Day. We have always celebrated Father's Day and Mother's Day since we began dating with gifts from the cat and dog to each other. Here is Monkey and Daddy together on Father's Day this year...

I have to include this next picture because I need everyone to see what I have to work with when taking photos and feel sorry for me. This is so typical, but so funny...cracks me up...

Part of Mark's Father's Day gift was a gift card to go play Top Golf. It was lots of fun. Hot and humid, but fun. Apparently, I am pretty good, too! We were all shocked with my skills and now I think I need some fancy golf clubs, of course! :)

Anyway, I'm baaack! I'll blog some more soon, but I have a feeling little Monkey is about to wake up...

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