Monday, June 27

Our weekend

We finally got back into a routine again after being back home. Dylan missed his house, especially his bedroom! We could actually tell how relaxed and happy he was to be home. I know he is not happy that we do not have a pool in the backyard to swim in everyday. BUT, I ordered a cheap-o one from Amazon to hold him over until swimming lessons and it will be here later this week.

On Saturday, we went to Sydnie's birthday pool party and Dylan had a blast! At first, he wasn't so sure of all the people around him since he is only used to me and Daddy in the pool with him, but he finally warmed up and had a great time. As you can see, he was pooped afterwards. He fell asleep in my arms before we even got in the car!

Sunday, we took him to his cousins house to swim in their cow tank, lol. Mark has an extra one that we can use in our backyard, too. I was hesitant at first, but when Dylan got in, he was able to actually touch the bottom with his feet while in his floaty and walk around! He loved it! He didn't have to be beside anyone or have anyone hold on to him and he was just having a good time! I might actually give-in and let Mark bring the redneck old school cow tank pool to our backyard, too. Hey, it's durable.

Mark and Kati went and jumped on the trampoline with Dylan after swimming and look what this kid did...
He fell asleep while they were jumping! He just layed there and went to sleep. I guess he liked the up and down motion they were creating - hmmm, seems like he used to like that when Mommy did squats by running water with him, too - up and down, up and down...

He has finally decided to eat some graham crackers for me! He HATE those little puff (what kid hates puffs?!) and when he touches them, he gets this look on his face like he is touching some type of goo and throws it down. Oh yeah, I gave him his first popsicle and he loved it, too! :)

Other than that, we pretty much did this...

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