Friday, July 29

Friday favorites

1. Favorite Etsy Shops:

1. AfricanGrey  2. brodyandma  3. HoneyPieDesign  4. RubyLoveDesigns  5. JoshuaByOak  6. Hollywo6  7. DimeStoreBuddy  8. MonkeyTees  9. Vintagelucys  10. HappyTags  11. OldNewAgain  12. small threads

2. Favorite Ways to Save $:

ALWAYS use a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon on every single item you buy. The never expire, even though there is an expiration date! I worked there for three years and it still works. I do not buy anything without a 20% off coupon and keep them forever! I still use coupons from 2006.

Use a college I.D. Those don't expire, either! I still use mine lots of places: Nikki's Swirl shop, Cici's Pizza, Xstreme Carwash, Rosa's, JoAnn Fabrics, etc.

3. Favorite Places to Eat:

In Lubbock...

In Dallas...

In Austin...

Swimming lessons, Day 5

Dylan enjoyed jumping off the side into the pool to Mommy today! We worked a little bit more on swimming to our toy after throwing it in the water. Then, we tied noodles around his belly and went around the lazy river to practice swimming with arm scoops and kicks.

At the end of class, we had a few minutes to play in the fountains. Dylan met a girl... woo woo...

Thursday, July 28

Swimming lessons, Day 4

Today Dylan went under water! I blew in his face and then dunked him. He didn't mind at all! The last time, he got a mouth full of water, but he did so good! I actually think I was more proud of myself than him because it takes a brave Momma to dunk her baby under the water! Look at how proud I was! :)

He got to hold on to a noodle to ride the lazy river and kick his feet. 

At the end of class, the turned the fountains on before we got out. So, I took him over there and let him play in them for a minute. 

Wednesday, July 27

Swimming lessons, Day 3

Daddy got in with Dylan for lessons today! He had so much fun and was really excited to see the pool again when we arrived. He was not excited, however, to wear his swimming hat. He had a small sunburn on his head and cheeks yesterday, so I wanted to shade it a little better today so it wouldn't get any worse.

Towards the end of class, they all put life vests on and swam the lazy river. Dylan did not like this. He looked like a little tomato! Haha! He was happy again after he took his vest off and got to splash around a little bit before having to go home!

Tuesday, July 26

Swimming lessons, Day 2

Dylan did better today during his lessons. He seemed to recognize some of the songs we sang and followed "instructions" a bit more. They told us to try and stick their head under water if we "felt comfortable". After one mom beside us did it and her baby came up screaming, I decided to wait on that.

He did a good job swimming for the toy that we threw out in front of him...

He liked to watch Mommy blow bubbles, but did not understand how to do it himself. He kept trying to drink the water, as usual.

Then, we were supposed to have them lay on their back to swim. He hated this. He fought me the entire time and then he became very clingy the rest of the class time.

At the end, we always go on a "Magic Carpet Ride" (have them lay halfway on a flat float and kick their feet to swim around the lazy river) Dylan still didn't like this idea and I ended up walking the lazy river just holding him like I did yesterday, too.

I sure do love this pool. I think we need to look into getting a membership. It's just too much fun!

Monday, July 25

Swimming lessons, Day 1

Today was Dylan's first day of swimming lessons! He got very excited when he saw the big pool and was ready to get in!

The instructor was telling us what to do and Dylan does not like people telling him what to do apparently. They were supposed to be practicing kicking right here and he lasted a whole, oh, 5 seconds, and was done with that...

Notice the other sweet baby in the background still doing what he is supposed to be doing? Yep, that is pretty much how the entire class went with Dylan. All the babies having fun and doing the activities, then Dylan off to the side splashing and doing whatever he wanted...

Oh well... he liked swimming across the pool to get his toy, but then realized it was a boring toy that did not light-up or make noise and he was done with it really quickly, too.

Good thing the class was only 30 minutes. I am not sure if he would have lasted much longer... look at those sleepy eyes...

Oh, and check out this cute little baby modeling a stunning new clothing line... ;)

Sunday, July 24

Our Weekend, MOMMA!

"Momma, momma, momma... momma" is all I hear around here!

Yep, our sweet little Monkey is now saying, "Momma!" He thinks he is really cute when he does it, too. Well, he is. He just smiles and says it again. Today, he would wheel around in his walker saying it over and over. So cute! I think "so cute" could turn into "so annoying" real fast, haha! Right now it's cute, though!

I whipped up some sweet little diaper covers for my Momma Mumbler today, too.

When I say that I "whipped" them up, it sounds easy. It wasn't. I followed this tutorial HERE. I suppose it is "easy" now that I have figured it out and ripped out about 14 seams. I am just learning to sew and it's fun. Of course, I am wanting to order fancy clothing labels to put on the things that I make now. I am trying to decide on what they will say, and what colors they will be. If you have suggestions, I'd like to hear them. Right now, I am thinking about "bottoms up" or just my name "kari" on them. We'll see.

Tomorrow is Monkey's first day of swimming lessons! Should be interesting...

Thursday, July 21

friday favorites

I want to make a Friday Favorites post every Friday (duh!). I have so many favorite things and never know when to share them with people. I think this will be a way that I can share them slowly, without being so overwhelming (pushy) to everyone, hoping that they will become their favorite, too! So here it goes...

Favorite cheap cheap cheap shoe brands: Speed Limit 98 and Qupid. They are both really cheap reasonably priced brands. I am always having to search and search for the right shoe that's in the right color. I usually am able to find it with one of these brands. You can Google the names to find where to buy them, or go to Amazon or one of my favorite (hint, hint) online shops Did I mentioned that they are cheap? ;)

Speed Limit 98 


favorite clothing online shops: urbanog and lulus

favorite snack: the hampton popcorn company popcorn

This popcorn is known to be one of the best ever! It was created in the Hampton's by two guys and has become one of the most popular brands. It is loved by many of your favorite celebrities and it tastes so great! It is a perfect give to bring to a party. I originally bought two large tins of this to give as gifts. When they came, I opened one to "try" and gift the other one. Well, we are down one tin and now halfway through the other. Sorry if you were one of the people I was going to give it to.

favorite trend: chevron stripes

They are everywhere now! Curtains, pillows, clothing, furniture, plates, and much more!

I have even been eyeing this little guy... since I'm so cool and have an iPhone now! ;)

Happy Friday! :)

Tuesday, July 19

happy mother's day and anniversary to me

Pretty exciting that my Mother's Day gift is finally finished! Mark built me a large standing floor mirror for Mother's Day this year, but we had to find a place that would actually cut the mirror for it correctly and I also had to decide on the right stain color I wanted for it. After 2 broken sheets of glass later, we finally made it home with one that did not break and here is the finished project! I love it! I guess it looks like a plain black mirror in the picture, but it is really stained espresso brown.

I blogged about our 3rd wedding anniversary here. Well, I have not found a Cricut I want to replace the one with that he bought me. I am still not sold on the idea of it actually cutting fabric out correctly. Instead, we have absolutely hated our phones from Verizon and since we do not like having to pay a ridiculous amount on new phones, we have waited until our contracts are ready to be upgraded and mine finally was! We went right up to Verizon to get me a Blackberry I so badly miss, but of course, they convince me to get the iPhone 4. I love Apple. Mark does, too. In fact, we will NEVER buy another computer of any kind unless it is an Apple product. I was not sure on the iPhone because of the touch screen. (I got really turned off on them because our previous phones are the first version of the Droid Eris and well, for lack of a better term, they are crap. I have 13 more days to decide if I want to keep my iPhone. So far, I am OK with it, just terribly scared that I will drop it and break it. I need to find a super cute cover for it asap!

What does that have to do with my anniversary? Well, I have considered this new phone my gift because I have to justify spending this amount of money on a phone some how.

Saturday, July 16

favorite summer stuff

Some of my favorite summer items...

1. bath and body works coconut passion fruit lotion 2. old navy denim shorts 3. mossimo micro ribbed tank tops 4. target silver sandals 5. scentsy orange dreamsicle bar 6. bath and body work caribbean escape wallflower scent 7. dog furminator large 8. mcdonald's new mango pineapple smoothie 9. skinnygirl margarita

I will make another post soon including my favorite fall and winter items, too!

Wednesday, July 13

Happy 9 months, Monkey!

Big boy is crawling and on the move! He is trying extremely hard to start walking and getting very close to it! He is almost 22 pounds and 29 inches long (which is in the 90th percentile of height - hmmm!) Of course, his head is still giant size and in the 97th percentile.

He is eating more and more solid foods and loves to eat anything orange, especially orange yogurt! His favorite snack is graham crackers.

Monkey goes to bed around 9 or 10 o'clock at night and wakes up around 7 or 8. We have had to lower his mattress in his crib because he jumps right up and stands to hold on and bite the railing.

He loves to go outside to walk in his walker and watch Daddy work on the house. He also enjoys swimming in his stock tank pool.

We are getting so close to his 1st birthday I can hardly believe it! :)

Tuesday, July 12

Our 3rd Anniversary

 THIRD Anniversary

Monkey eating his FREE celebration Slurpee from 7/11

Mark and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by having a full day of window installation again. It was lovely. We are still going through it. That night, we took a break and had Nonnie watch Dylan so we could go to a movie. We decided to finally see Bridesmaids. We both thought that it was funny, but thought it could have done without some of the disgusting parts (it would have been funny without them). Maybe we are just prude parents now. I loved watching her drunk on the airplane. I could have peed my pants during that part!

We exchanged gifts that evening. Mark got me a Cricut machine I think I have been wanting. I say think because I have been saying that I want one for cutting fabric, but not quite sure about them and if that is a good idea. Anyway, when we opened the box, it was a pink one and made for Breast Cancer Awareness. I am in no way what-so-ever against supporting breast cancer, but decided that I want to exchange it for a plain white one if it was going to be sitting out in the house. The pink was just a little too loud for me and my decor.

Of course, I go to exchange it and they tell me that they only sell the pink one. So, I returned it and need to figure out what I will get to replace it.

I gave Mark a book that was full of pictures from all the construction of our house. It has before and after pictures of each room in and outdoors. I had to make it a Volume One edition and plan to make another one since we are constantly renovating. If you want to preview the entire book, you are more than welcome to click HERE and look at it, too!