Thursday, July 21

friday favorites

I want to make a Friday Favorites post every Friday (duh!). I have so many favorite things and never know when to share them with people. I think this will be a way that I can share them slowly, without being so overwhelming (pushy) to everyone, hoping that they will become their favorite, too! So here it goes...

Favorite cheap cheap cheap shoe brands: Speed Limit 98 and Qupid. They are both really cheap reasonably priced brands. I am always having to search and search for the right shoe that's in the right color. I usually am able to find it with one of these brands. You can Google the names to find where to buy them, or go to Amazon or one of my favorite (hint, hint) online shops Did I mentioned that they are cheap? ;)

Speed Limit 98 


favorite clothing online shops: urbanog and lulus

favorite snack: the hampton popcorn company popcorn

This popcorn is known to be one of the best ever! It was created in the Hampton's by two guys and has become one of the most popular brands. It is loved by many of your favorite celebrities and it tastes so great! It is a perfect give to bring to a party. I originally bought two large tins of this to give as gifts. When they came, I opened one to "try" and gift the other one. Well, we are down one tin and now halfway through the other. Sorry if you were one of the people I was going to give it to.

favorite trend: chevron stripes

They are everywhere now! Curtains, pillows, clothing, furniture, plates, and much more!

I have even been eyeing this little guy... since I'm so cool and have an iPhone now! ;)

Happy Friday! :)

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