Friday, July 29

Friday favorites

1. Favorite Etsy Shops:

1. AfricanGrey  2. brodyandma  3. HoneyPieDesign  4. RubyLoveDesigns  5. JoshuaByOak  6. Hollywo6  7. DimeStoreBuddy  8. MonkeyTees  9. Vintagelucys  10. HappyTags  11. OldNewAgain  12. small threads

2. Favorite Ways to Save $:

ALWAYS use a Bed Bath & Beyond coupon on every single item you buy. The never expire, even though there is an expiration date! I worked there for three years and it still works. I do not buy anything without a 20% off coupon and keep them forever! I still use coupons from 2006.

Use a college I.D. Those don't expire, either! I still use mine lots of places: Nikki's Swirl shop, Cici's Pizza, Xstreme Carwash, Rosa's, JoAnn Fabrics, etc.

3. Favorite Places to Eat:

In Lubbock...

In Dallas...

In Austin...

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