Tuesday, July 19

happy mother's day and anniversary to me

Pretty exciting that my Mother's Day gift is finally finished! Mark built me a large standing floor mirror for Mother's Day this year, but we had to find a place that would actually cut the mirror for it correctly and I also had to decide on the right stain color I wanted for it. After 2 broken sheets of glass later, we finally made it home with one that did not break and here is the finished project! I love it! I guess it looks like a plain black mirror in the picture, but it is really stained espresso brown.

I blogged about our 3rd wedding anniversary here. Well, I have not found a Cricut I want to replace the one with that he bought me. I am still not sold on the idea of it actually cutting fabric out correctly. Instead, we have absolutely hated our phones from Verizon and since we do not like having to pay a ridiculous amount on new phones, we have waited until our contracts are ready to be upgraded and mine finally was! We went right up to Verizon to get me a Blackberry I so badly miss, but of course, they convince me to get the iPhone 4. I love Apple. Mark does, too. In fact, we will NEVER buy another computer of any kind unless it is an Apple product. I was not sure on the iPhone because of the touch screen. (I got really turned off on them because our previous phones are the first version of the Droid Eris and well, for lack of a better term, they are crap. I have 13 more days to decide if I want to keep my iPhone. So far, I am OK with it, just terribly scared that I will drop it and break it. I need to find a super cute cover for it asap!

What does that have to do with my anniversary? Well, I have considered this new phone my gift because I have to justify spending this amount of money on a phone some how.

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