Tuesday, July 12

Our 3rd Anniversary

 THIRD Anniversary

Monkey eating his FREE celebration Slurpee from 7/11

Mark and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by having a full day of window installation again. It was lovely. We are still going through it. That night, we took a break and had Nonnie watch Dylan so we could go to a movie. We decided to finally see Bridesmaids. We both thought that it was funny, but thought it could have done without some of the disgusting parts (it would have been funny without them). Maybe we are just prude parents now. I loved watching her drunk on the airplane. I could have peed my pants during that part!

We exchanged gifts that evening. Mark got me a Cricut machine I think I have been wanting. I say think because I have been saying that I want one for cutting fabric, but not quite sure about them and if that is a good idea. Anyway, when we opened the box, it was a pink one and made for Breast Cancer Awareness. I am in no way what-so-ever against supporting breast cancer, but decided that I want to exchange it for a plain white one if it was going to be sitting out in the house. The pink was just a little too loud for me and my decor.

Of course, I go to exchange it and they tell me that they only sell the pink one. So, I returned it and need to figure out what I will get to replace it.

I gave Mark a book that was full of pictures from all the construction of our house. It has before and after pictures of each room in and outdoors. I had to make it a Volume One edition and plan to make another one since we are constantly renovating. If you want to preview the entire book, you are more than welcome to click HERE and look at it, too!

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