Tuesday, July 5

Our Weekend & 4th

Dylan has a new best friend. Hurley was his when he was a baby, and since Hurley has taken about 10 steps back and decides to growl and run from him, he plays with Chiko now. It is very odd for her to be out and about during the day with people around, especially a screaming baby, but she comes to him non-stop. She has been sweet. Now, if we could only work on Hurley. He is supposed to be the awesome big dog that lets babies climb all over him and makes everyone nervous while it happens, but he is not following through with his part. Ugh.

On Saturday, Mark, Dylan, and I went to have lunch and yogurt with Mimi and Kayla. Something funny...

Dylan really doesn't care for ice cream of any sort (of course, I have only given him plain vanilla yogurt - booorrrinnngg), so I didn't even bother to get him a cup when we went to Nikki's Swirl Shop. I got Orange Creamsicle flavor and as I would take a bit, Dylan would hold his mouth open and would take a bite and just kept wanting more! It was cute and I was excited that I found a flavor that he liked, then I remembered... when I was pregnant with him, I craved orange cream sodas all of the time. We still have the fridge full of orange soda and cream sodas that I mixed together. I thought that it was really funny that I put those two together that he loved the flavor of the yogurt and it is what I craved while pregnant. I wonder if it has any correlation.

That night, we let Dylan go stay with  his Mimi for his first overnight stay. As soon as he got in the car, I started crying. I know, pathetic. Most parents would be jumping for joy (like Mark was), but I was having such a hard time. We made ourselves go to dinner and then a movie, even though we could have just used the quiet relaxation time at home, but anyway, we saw Larry Crowne and thought that it was a pretty cute movie. As soon as it was over, I had Mark call to check on him and he was already asleep, so he begged convinced me to let him stay and that he would get him in the morning. I made it through the night and he did great!

Can you believe it? I actually gave in and let Mark bring the redneck cow tank pool home for Dylan to swim in. I gave in when the expensive one that I ordered came in and after we had it all blown-up and filled with water, we found out it had a hole in it and by morning time, all of the water was gone. We had to send it back and I let him get a more "durable" pool then.

On our first 4th of July with Monkey, we mostly hung around the house and did some work outside (we are adding a large sidewalk that wraps around the front to create our landscaping), then we went to Mimi's and PaPaw's to hang out and eat steak (and brownies, pies, strawberries, cookies, homemade ice cream, more brownies, etc.) I made the little patriotic chocolate covered strawberries for the occasion and I have already stocked my cabinet full of blue colored sprinkles for next year, instead of having the tedious dumb idea brilliant idea of dying sugar blue myself.

P.S. - Does anyone else notice that my child looks giant-size? Golly. 

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