Sunday, July 24

Our Weekend, MOMMA!

"Momma, momma, momma... momma" is all I hear around here!

Yep, our sweet little Monkey is now saying, "Momma!" He thinks he is really cute when he does it, too. Well, he is. He just smiles and says it again. Today, he would wheel around in his walker saying it over and over. So cute! I think "so cute" could turn into "so annoying" real fast, haha! Right now it's cute, though!

I whipped up some sweet little diaper covers for my Momma Mumbler today, too.

When I say that I "whipped" them up, it sounds easy. It wasn't. I followed this tutorial HERE. I suppose it is "easy" now that I have figured it out and ripped out about 14 seams. I am just learning to sew and it's fun. Of course, I am wanting to order fancy clothing labels to put on the things that I make now. I am trying to decide on what they will say, and what colors they will be. If you have suggestions, I'd like to hear them. Right now, I am thinking about "bottoms up" or just my name "kari" on them. We'll see.

Tomorrow is Monkey's first day of swimming lessons! Should be interesting...

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