Monday, July 25

Swimming lessons, Day 1

Today was Dylan's first day of swimming lessons! He got very excited when he saw the big pool and was ready to get in!

The instructor was telling us what to do and Dylan does not like people telling him what to do apparently. They were supposed to be practicing kicking right here and he lasted a whole, oh, 5 seconds, and was done with that...

Notice the other sweet baby in the background still doing what he is supposed to be doing? Yep, that is pretty much how the entire class went with Dylan. All the babies having fun and doing the activities, then Dylan off to the side splashing and doing whatever he wanted...

Oh well... he liked swimming across the pool to get his toy, but then realized it was a boring toy that did not light-up or make noise and he was done with it really quickly, too.

Good thing the class was only 30 minutes. I am not sure if he would have lasted much longer... look at those sleepy eyes...

Oh, and check out this cute little baby modeling a stunning new clothing line... ;)

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  1. love it! how fun to be going to swimming lessons!! and I am in LOVE with the outfits you are making....opening a shop soon?