Tuesday, July 26

Swimming lessons, Day 2

Dylan did better today during his lessons. He seemed to recognize some of the songs we sang and followed "instructions" a bit more. They told us to try and stick their head under water if we "felt comfortable". After one mom beside us did it and her baby came up screaming, I decided to wait on that.

He did a good job swimming for the toy that we threw out in front of him...

He liked to watch Mommy blow bubbles, but did not understand how to do it himself. He kept trying to drink the water, as usual.

Then, we were supposed to have them lay on their back to swim. He hated this. He fought me the entire time and then he became very clingy the rest of the class time.

At the end, we always go on a "Magic Carpet Ride" (have them lay halfway on a flat float and kick their feet to swim around the lazy river) Dylan still didn't like this idea and I ended up walking the lazy river just holding him like I did yesterday, too.

I sure do love this pool. I think we need to look into getting a membership. It's just too much fun!

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