Thursday, July 28

Swimming lessons, Day 4

Today Dylan went under water! I blew in his face and then dunked him. He didn't mind at all! The last time, he got a mouth full of water, but he did so good! I actually think I was more proud of myself than him because it takes a brave Momma to dunk her baby under the water! Look at how proud I was! :)

He got to hold on to a noodle to ride the lazy river and kick his feet. 

At the end of class, the turned the fountains on before we got out. So, I took him over there and let him play in them for a minute. 

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  1. it DOES take a brave momma to dunk her son! We wanted to so bad when we went to the pool but both of us kept chickening out. haha. good job dylan and momma!