Sunday, August 28

Our House: Dining Room

Lately I have had a lot of random requests to see more pictures or updates of our house. I figured I could do a post on our house to let some of you see "how we live" if you never get a chance to come over. I'm just going to do it one room at a time because that's easier for me. The dining room is first because, well, it's the cleanest since we never use it. Some of you first saw our dining room a week or so ago when I did a post on our weekend and my "Keep Calm" prints here.

To be honest, every single room in the house is unfinished. I could point out all of the unfinished touches and flaws, but that would take forever, lol. Why is every room unfinished? Well, we do all of the work ourselves and everything costs money. It takes time. Years. Anyway, here's our dining room...

This picture was taken with me standing in the living room. One of the favorite things I noticed about this house when we first looked at it was the two arched entry areas. I love the archways.

The most common question we get is "What is the paint color in here?" You will hear me say it over and over again, "Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware." It's our favorite color. Ever.

There is the infamous gumball machine (still has tiny gumballs in it). Another thing I loved about this house was the swinging door into the kitchen from the dining room. It's fun. Unfinished stuff? I need something on the wall there above the buffet, but haven't decided what I want yet. I also need to figure out what I want to put in those apothecary jars. 

The floating shelves are from Ikea. I know, cheap. You might wonder why I have five chairs at the dining room table. Technically there are six, but I am using one of them in the office as a computer chair until I can find office chairs I want, too. 

When we purchased the buffet table and this curio cabinet, it's original purpose was for displaying china. Well, I don't have any china to display, but I do have... Disney Snow globes! lol To some it may seem very childish and dumb to display a snow globe collection in a dining room, but I love it. It has also come in very handy with my little one. Whenever he cries or gets hurt, I rush him into the dining room to look at snow globes and he immediately stops crying and just points, smiles, and stares. It's great. I did say that we never use this room, but that's not true. Dylan uses it a lot.If the house is quiet and I start looking around for him, I can always find him in here, just looking at his snow globes...

Friday, August 26

Friday favorites

1. Erin Condren Life Planners (
You can customize all of these. There are so many options, colors, and patterns!

2. Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planners (
I might have actually liked writing lesson plans if I had one of these cute planners! Well, maybe not... but it is still cute to try and plan in and carry around school to make all of the other teachers think that you are oh-so-organized and have great taste! :)

3. MomAgenda Planners (
I have one of these and constantly get tons of compliments on it! It makes you want to be organized! Mine is zebra print. They also look really cute together all lines up like books on a shelf when you start getting them year after year and you can look back to things from previous years.

4. MomAgenda FREE Printable Downloads (
They have links to free printables for all sorts of things; planning parties, packing for vacation, Christmas card address lists, etc.! You better believe I have already clicked print on several of these! Hey... they're free!

5. Favorite Snack right now (while you sit down and get super organized with these fabulous planners...) Wheat Thins: Sundried Tomato and Basil

Thursday, August 25

Uh oh...

So, we bought this adorable vintage gumball machine at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, instead of looking all over town for gumballs (that means I'd have to leave the house, ugh) I ordered some from Amazon, of course. My free two-day shipping is a blast!

 Well, turns out that the gumballs are too small! Now we have two giant bags of tiny gumballs and giant gumballs (too big)! We have decided to just leave the little ones in there because when you turn the knob, they just fall through, but don't think I don't plan to find the correct size of gumballs for this machine when you come over to the house! They will not be free forever, bring your pennies! What's the point of this story? Well, someone, not naming any names that being with letter D, has figured out that the gumballs are free already...

He came rolling up to me in his walker as I was vacuuming (his favorite sport) covered in blue! I flipped out and knew right away what he had gotten into! Luckily, the little gumballs fell nicely into the front of his diaper and all he needed was a nice wipe-down! Ugh... this kid... alright fine, this mom... Mom of the Year!

Sunday, August 21

Our Weekend

Dylan helped Daddy work on the front yard by moving dirt around the new sidewalk. It was his first time on a "tractor" and he was having so much fun! He kept making grunting noises because he was so excited. Maybe we need to watch some old reruns of Home Improvement with Tim Allen!

I blogged on Friday about my "Keep Calm..." prints. Well, I finally decided on a place for them. They were originally supposed to be for in the guest room/craft area where I sew, but then I changed my mind, of course, and put them in the dining room.

Sorry to disappoint some that hated the painting of Hurley that I did, but it is now in the office and looks great there! (In my opinion, of course...)

Anyway, like I said before, there are tons and tons of "Keep Calm..." sayings to choose from and it was difficult to narrow it down, but I chose "Keep Calm and Craft On," "Keep Calm and Blog On," "Keep Calm and Love On," and...

Do you see it? The last one! Yep, "Keep Calm and Kari On!" My name! So cute! Love it!
I have already been thinking of some cute custom prints to give as gifts! :)

Friday, August 19

Friday Favorites

1. Keep Calm Prints (Etsy Keep Calm Shop)

I know, you have seen "Keep Calm and Carry On" on everything! I love this shop because you can get custom made prints for all of your hobbies. Melinda can even make a special custom print for you with whatever you want to say on it! I finally made a decision on the four prints I wanted after a long time thinking about them. There are so many to choose from, I could have easily ordered about 20 of them, but decided to stick with 4. Once the hard decision is made as to which prints you want, then you have a million colors to choose from, too! It's great! Please visit her shop, she did a great job with mine. I will post a picture of the special prints I chose as soon as I can decide where I will be putting them.

2. Favorite Panties (Gap Ultrasoft Hipster and Thongs)

Maybe this is too much information, but I never know where the line is on that and always seem to cross it, if you don't want to know my favorite panties, then quit reading, this is for the ladies, anyway.

I was pretty loyal to Victoria's Secret for a long time and then it seemed like they just kept getting more expensive, but cheaply made. Plus, I don't really enjoy the words "PINK" stamped across my hiney. I have fallen in love with the GAP Ultra Soft panties and, of course, it looks like they might be doing away with them soon since they are on clearance now. Oh well, if you don't have a favorite brand you wear, you might try these out and then stock up before they are all gone! :)

Wednesday, August 17

Pottery Barn Kids Secret

I had posted on Pinterest a Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair on Dylan's Birthday List. One of my friends sent me a link to someone talking about "secret codes" on Pottery Barn Kids to get cheaper items. Well, I didn't have a chance to sit down and try it that day and then I kept forgetting about it, but I remembered today. I tried the steps and IT WORKED! I was in shock! Not only did it work, it worked on other items, too!! I didn't sit and mess with every single item on the website since that would be obsessive (OK, I would have if Monkey didn't wake up from his nap!). Now, it didn't work with every chair color and style, just some of them. Some things only take about $10 off (saves some shipping cost), but some items take up to $30 off! Here are some of the things that the code worked on TODAY:

The Bright Pink, Green Grass, Blue with Stone Piping, and Red Anywhere Chairs (normally ($99, secret code makes them $69):

My First Table in Espresso (just the table, not the set) normally $79, secret sale price is $49, and
Wooden Veggie Play Food (normally $24, but $16 with the secret sale code):

Now, do you want the secret?? Remember, it's a secret (that's why I am posting it on my blog, ha!)

Here it is:
1. Add the item you want to buy to your cart like normal.
2. Go to "Checkout"
3. Under the item description in your "Shopping Basket," you will see the Item #.
4. Copy that Item Number (example: 5-2872208)
5. Remove that item from your shopping cart
6. Copy that number in the Search Box, but HERE IS THE SECRET: change the number in front of the dash to a 68 (example: 68-2872208)
7. Now the item should come up on the screen and it will either show it at a normal price (code does not work on this item) or you will see the NEW SECRET CODE PRICE! :)

Side note: I have found other secret code numbers, instead of the 68, that you might try as well. So basically, if you are going to buy something from there, just keep trying all of the codes and see if they work, they might, or they might not. It's worth a try!

Other codes that have worked: 03,05,09,95,68,86,69,80,89

Monday, August 15

Dad's (a.k.a. Duke's) Birthday

Not only was Saturday Dylan's 10 month birthday, it was my Dad's birthday, too! He went with Mark and played golf that day and then we had a yummy dinner at Cagle's Steaks. Dylan liked it and ate a bunch of cornbread and some of my chopped brisket.

Later that night, we opened presents and Dylan had a lot of practice for his upcoming birthday party. He was having fun ripping the paper! He would clap his hands after he ripped some or Dad ripped some off. Then, he walked to the kitchen to have some cake that Mommy made and sing "Happy Birthday" to his Duke!

Saturday, August 13

Happy 10 months, Monkey!

Dylan is 10 months old TODAY! He is about to start walking. He has mastered crawling and is all over the place. I have officially had to baby-proof the electrical outlets and just trying to watch what he gets into. He loves to mimic things that we do now, too. He points at everything he sees and claps his hands and stomps his feet to music. "Momma" and "Dada" are said frequently. He tries to be such a big boy and likes to drink out of our cups and he tries to eat the things that we eat. Chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese are what most meals are made out of, along with his veggies and fruits. It doesn't take much to scare him, because he loves for me to sneak up on him and say 'boo!',  but when he does get scared, he runs crawls to his Mommy as fast as he can and grabs on to my leg and tries to crawl up. It is pretty cute. He has also started crying whenever he hears other babies crying. Dylan gets more fun each day and I miss him so much when he leaves my side (which is pretty much never, but still...) I try to cuddle with him when he is already asleep before I put him in his crib because he is so sweet! I can't wait for more Monkey milestones! :)

P.S. - Photo shoots are getting much more difficult with this wiggle worm! He does NOT hold still!

Thursday, August 11


I have been looking at all sorts of things I can make and I get all inspired when I look on Pinterest at tutorials. Of course, I get side tracked and see other things, like Judith March dresses that I cannot afford. I love a lot of her clothes! Anyway, I got all brave this week and tried to make things like hers and it worked! I am so proud of myself.

My inspiration: Judith March dresses, $98.00

My dresses (made out of t-shirts), $3.00, and tank top, $5.00:

So, from $98 to $3.00:

I wish I had a fancy mannequin to display my clothes on like hers, but they really do look cute when I put them on!! :)

Monday, August 8

Our weekend

On Saturday, we celebrated Dylan's Aunt Leslie's birthday. It was a surprise and I made the cake for it. I have been looking at cake ideas on Pinterest and found one I thought I could try out. I think it turned out pretty...

Sunday, Dylan was invited to his friend Knox's 1st birthday party! Knox used to live next door to us and we miss them! Dylan had fun swinging on the swing set and playing with balloons. He also tried to show off to show Knox how to destroy his birthday cake since Knox would only take bites out of it carefully with a spoon! :) Monkey is such a little brat! He will get his own cake in 2 months! They sat by each other and would stare and touch one another. It was really cute!!

Friday, August 5

Friday favorites

1. Favorite 'Mom Friendly" swim wear:   Lime Ricki

Cute one-pieces and tankinis that you can mix and match at an affordable price! They are stylish Mommy-type swim suits!

2. Favorite way to do your hair VIDEO: 

This makes me so sick that I cut my hair off this summer! It was cool for like an hour, now I am so sick of it and want my long hair back! Good thing it is just hair that does grow. It just doesn't grow fast enough for me! Click the link below.

P.S. - I love LC! Yep, I call her "LC" because we go way back, you know to the first Laguna days! ;)

3. Favorite Pet Products: Harry Barker

This is the place we got our cute Dog and Cat Food Tins that everyone always compliments when they see them! I love them! We also have tons of toys for both Hurley and Chiko from here and couldn't complain. Wait, yes, I do have a complaint - They no longer sell Hurley's favorite rope ring toy anymore. Bummer.

Swimming lessons, Day 10

Today was our LAST DAY of swimming lessons, which is both exciting and depressing! We loved going swimming every day together and wish we could do it every day! We took a small gift to Dylan's swimming teacher; a bag of jumbo gum balls and Sonic gift card, that said "Thank you for teaching me to blow bubbles! Love, Dylan". Turns out, we get Sonic and gum balls now because his teacher quit. Yup, she quit. His substitute teacher the day before gave us a dramatic story that she has broken her foot! Dramatic and fabulous are words that would describe him to me. We all know that I LOVE my dramatic and fabulous guys.... ;) For real.

Anyway, today was a FREE DAY! Mark and I both got to swim with him and it was such a fun day! We kept saying how much fun we were having over and over again! It's really neat when you can tell that your baby is having a good time, too! We went around the lazy river several times, took Dylan to the splash deck, and to the Double T fountains to play. It was so much fun! Have I mentioned that we had fun today? :)