Friday, August 5

Friday favorites

1. Favorite 'Mom Friendly" swim wear:   Lime Ricki

Cute one-pieces and tankinis that you can mix and match at an affordable price! They are stylish Mommy-type swim suits!

2. Favorite way to do your hair VIDEO: 

This makes me so sick that I cut my hair off this summer! It was cool for like an hour, now I am so sick of it and want my long hair back! Good thing it is just hair that does grow. It just doesn't grow fast enough for me! Click the link below.

P.S. - I love LC! Yep, I call her "LC" because we go way back, you know to the first Laguna days! ;)

3. Favorite Pet Products: Harry Barker

This is the place we got our cute Dog and Cat Food Tins that everyone always compliments when they see them! I love them! We also have tons of toys for both Hurley and Chiko from here and couldn't complain. Wait, yes, I do have a complaint - They no longer sell Hurley's favorite rope ring toy anymore. Bummer.

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