Friday, August 19

Friday Favorites

1. Keep Calm Prints (Etsy Keep Calm Shop)

I know, you have seen "Keep Calm and Carry On" on everything! I love this shop because you can get custom made prints for all of your hobbies. Melinda can even make a special custom print for you with whatever you want to say on it! I finally made a decision on the four prints I wanted after a long time thinking about them. There are so many to choose from, I could have easily ordered about 20 of them, but decided to stick with 4. Once the hard decision is made as to which prints you want, then you have a million colors to choose from, too! It's great! Please visit her shop, she did a great job with mine. I will post a picture of the special prints I chose as soon as I can decide where I will be putting them.

2. Favorite Panties (Gap Ultrasoft Hipster and Thongs)

Maybe this is too much information, but I never know where the line is on that and always seem to cross it, if you don't want to know my favorite panties, then quit reading, this is for the ladies, anyway.

I was pretty loyal to Victoria's Secret for a long time and then it seemed like they just kept getting more expensive, but cheaply made. Plus, I don't really enjoy the words "PINK" stamped across my hiney. I have fallen in love with the GAP Ultra Soft panties and, of course, it looks like they might be doing away with them soon since they are on clearance now. Oh well, if you don't have a favorite brand you wear, you might try these out and then stock up before they are all gone! :)

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  1. Kristen Thomas19 August, 2011

    Those are the panties I have too. I will be stopping by a GapBody in a few weeks.