Saturday, August 13

Happy 10 months, Monkey!

Dylan is 10 months old TODAY! He is about to start walking. He has mastered crawling and is all over the place. I have officially had to baby-proof the electrical outlets and just trying to watch what he gets into. He loves to mimic things that we do now, too. He points at everything he sees and claps his hands and stomps his feet to music. "Momma" and "Dada" are said frequently. He tries to be such a big boy and likes to drink out of our cups and he tries to eat the things that we eat. Chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese are what most meals are made out of, along with his veggies and fruits. It doesn't take much to scare him, because he loves for me to sneak up on him and say 'boo!',  but when he does get scared, he runs crawls to his Mommy as fast as he can and grabs on to my leg and tries to crawl up. It is pretty cute. He has also started crying whenever he hears other babies crying. Dylan gets more fun each day and I miss him so much when he leaves my side (which is pretty much never, but still...) I try to cuddle with him when he is already asleep before I put him in his crib because he is so sweet! I can't wait for more Monkey milestones! :)

P.S. - Photo shoots are getting much more difficult with this wiggle worm! He does NOT hold still!

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