Thursday, August 11


I have been looking at all sorts of things I can make and I get all inspired when I look on Pinterest at tutorials. Of course, I get side tracked and see other things, like Judith March dresses that I cannot afford. I love a lot of her clothes! Anyway, I got all brave this week and tried to make things like hers and it worked! I am so proud of myself.

My inspiration: Judith March dresses, $98.00

My dresses (made out of t-shirts), $3.00, and tank top, $5.00:

So, from $98 to $3.00:

I wish I had a fancy mannequin to display my clothes on like hers, but they really do look cute when I put them on!! :)

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  1. good job kari!! they look very cute! you should pose in them :) although I have seem some mannequin forms at thrift stores sometimes....just a thought. Anyway, I still think you should open an etsy shop! I would totally buy anything kiddie you made, you are very creative!