Sunday, August 28

Our House: Dining Room

Lately I have had a lot of random requests to see more pictures or updates of our house. I figured I could do a post on our house to let some of you see "how we live" if you never get a chance to come over. I'm just going to do it one room at a time because that's easier for me. The dining room is first because, well, it's the cleanest since we never use it. Some of you first saw our dining room a week or so ago when I did a post on our weekend and my "Keep Calm" prints here.

To be honest, every single room in the house is unfinished. I could point out all of the unfinished touches and flaws, but that would take forever, lol. Why is every room unfinished? Well, we do all of the work ourselves and everything costs money. It takes time. Years. Anyway, here's our dining room...

This picture was taken with me standing in the living room. One of the favorite things I noticed about this house when we first looked at it was the two arched entry areas. I love the archways.

The most common question we get is "What is the paint color in here?" You will hear me say it over and over again, "Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware." It's our favorite color. Ever.

There is the infamous gumball machine (still has tiny gumballs in it). Another thing I loved about this house was the swinging door into the kitchen from the dining room. It's fun. Unfinished stuff? I need something on the wall there above the buffet, but haven't decided what I want yet. I also need to figure out what I want to put in those apothecary jars. 

The floating shelves are from Ikea. I know, cheap. You might wonder why I have five chairs at the dining room table. Technically there are six, but I am using one of them in the office as a computer chair until I can find office chairs I want, too. 

When we purchased the buffet table and this curio cabinet, it's original purpose was for displaying china. Well, I don't have any china to display, but I do have... Disney Snow globes! lol To some it may seem very childish and dumb to display a snow globe collection in a dining room, but I love it. It has also come in very handy with my little one. Whenever he cries or gets hurt, I rush him into the dining room to look at snow globes and he immediately stops crying and just points, smiles, and stares. It's great. I did say that we never use this room, but that's not true. Dylan uses it a lot.If the house is quiet and I start looking around for him, I can always find him in here, just looking at his snow globes...


  1. i LOVE your dining room! it is so elegant and peaceful! you got good taste!

  2. Kari your dining room is beautiful! And I know what you mean about unfinished things. It bothers me too but waiting until the right thing is so worth it!