Sunday, August 21

Our Weekend

Dylan helped Daddy work on the front yard by moving dirt around the new sidewalk. It was his first time on a "tractor" and he was having so much fun! He kept making grunting noises because he was so excited. Maybe we need to watch some old reruns of Home Improvement with Tim Allen!

I blogged on Friday about my "Keep Calm..." prints. Well, I finally decided on a place for them. They were originally supposed to be for in the guest room/craft area where I sew, but then I changed my mind, of course, and put them in the dining room.

Sorry to disappoint some that hated the painting of Hurley that I did, but it is now in the office and looks great there! (In my opinion, of course...)

Anyway, like I said before, there are tons and tons of "Keep Calm..." sayings to choose from and it was difficult to narrow it down, but I chose "Keep Calm and Craft On," "Keep Calm and Blog On," "Keep Calm and Love On," and...

Do you see it? The last one! Yep, "Keep Calm and Kari On!" My name! So cute! Love it!
I have already been thinking of some cute custom prints to give as gifts! :)

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