Friday, August 5

Swimming lessons, Day 10

Today was our LAST DAY of swimming lessons, which is both exciting and depressing! We loved going swimming every day together and wish we could do it every day! We took a small gift to Dylan's swimming teacher; a bag of jumbo gum balls and Sonic gift card, that said "Thank you for teaching me to blow bubbles! Love, Dylan". Turns out, we get Sonic and gum balls now because his teacher quit. Yup, she quit. His substitute teacher the day before gave us a dramatic story that she has broken her foot! Dramatic and fabulous are words that would describe him to me. We all know that I LOVE my dramatic and fabulous guys.... ;) For real.

Anyway, today was a FREE DAY! Mark and I both got to swim with him and it was such a fun day! We kept saying how much fun we were having over and over again! It's really neat when you can tell that your baby is having a good time, too! We went around the lazy river several times, took Dylan to the splash deck, and to the Double T fountains to play. It was so much fun! Have I mentioned that we had fun today? :)

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