Monday, August 1

Swimming lessons, Day 6

I forgot my camera at swimming lessons today! I was so upset when we got out of the car and I realized how light-weight the diaper bag was! Mark managed to snap one decent picture with my phone to try and make-up for it. Oh well, I WILL NOT forget it tomorrow!

He was so excited to go swimming today! As soon as I put him in his swim trunks and he saw he grab his car seat, I said, "Ready to go?" and he threw his hands up and was so happy! I am also proud to say that my child (the youngest by far) in the class was the most well-behaved and participated the most today compared to the other brats kids. :)

On a side note: I finally figured out how to make the game day t-shirt dresses! It isn't hard, but it takes a lot of trial and error, and lots of t-shirts that get thrown away! BUT, finally I made one and want to make some more!

I think I am going to add a Double T on the bottom and maybe bling-it-out some, too!

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  1. Angela Thomas02 August, 2011 can make me one JUST like that one...I'd like to wear it to the Tech/Baylor game so if you could have it by the time I visit in October that'd be great! haha! I'll pay!! Just not $1,000 like Red Raider Outfitters charges!