Thursday, August 25

Uh oh...

So, we bought this adorable vintage gumball machine at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, instead of looking all over town for gumballs (that means I'd have to leave the house, ugh) I ordered some from Amazon, of course. My free two-day shipping is a blast!

 Well, turns out that the gumballs are too small! Now we have two giant bags of tiny gumballs and giant gumballs (too big)! We have decided to just leave the little ones in there because when you turn the knob, they just fall through, but don't think I don't plan to find the correct size of gumballs for this machine when you come over to the house! They will not be free forever, bring your pennies! What's the point of this story? Well, someone, not naming any names that being with letter D, has figured out that the gumballs are free already...

He came rolling up to me in his walker as I was vacuuming (his favorite sport) covered in blue! I flipped out and knew right away what he had gotten into! Luckily, the little gumballs fell nicely into the front of his diaper and all he needed was a nice wipe-down! Ugh... this kid... alright fine, this mom... Mom of the Year!

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