Wednesday, September 28

It's a... ?

This past weekend we went to a gender reveal party for our good friends, Rusty and Briana. I was very excited as soon as they decided to have a party like this because I had never been to one and think it is a really fun idea! I made "Team Boy" and "Team Girl" shirts for myself, Mark, and Dylan to wear the night of the party. Loved them. They turned out great!

When we arrived at the party, we got to put a magnet on the gender we thought the baby would be. Most of the guests chose 'boy'. I was pulling for a girl. I am anxious to buy/make pink things with ruffles and bows.

For the first hour while we ate, these were haunting all of us...

We all kept trying to look them over in hopes of seeing an accidental peek of blue or pink filling. We found nothing. When we were all finished eating, the expectant parents took the first two cupcakes and took a bite out before anyone else to see what color it was...

It was PINK! It's a GIRL! It was so exciting and we are so happy for them. The whole thing was so much fun. I keep wondering if I will host one of these for our next little monkey, but I will have to think more about that. (I have plenty of time to think about it) :)

I have also been a little preoccupied with some other things lately. Well, mainly one thing, but some others have been occupying my mind. We are getting very close to Monkey's 1st Birthday Extravaganza! It's definitely crunch time! I am making to-do list after to-do list and even a to-do list to make another to-do list. Get me? Here is the only sneak peek...

These should be going through the mail by the beginning of next week.

The other things occupying my mind are not very happy things. I have been getting so emotional about stories happening, etc. First, I hear about the baby in the grocery cart getting pushed and then accidentally falling out while being pushed over a speed bump to the car and passing away. The whole story just kept haunting me. I really don't think it would have made me so emotional if I wasn't a mother now. It's just different now. I couldn't even imagine the idea of waking up one day without Dylan. I don't even want to try to think about it. I have a hard enough time letting him spend a few hours without me at a family member's home.

I also just found out about someone I knew, Lindsay, passing away last Friday. I used to work with her while in college. I wouldn't say that we were "friends" at all. In fact, we weren't even Facebook friends. She always intimidated me and was so pretty. She just gave the presence that she knew what she was doing and she had her life together. To top it off, I also worked with her husband,  fiance at the time. They had been together since high school, middle school maybe. I am not sure. Anyway, I don't remember how I ran across her blog, but she had started a family blog before I even did. I would read it all of the time. I loved it. She soon made it a private blog (probably because of weirdos like me) and only let invited readers access it.

Last week, I am not sure why, but she came into my mind and I tried looking her blog up again, but saw that it was still private. I then saw her Facebook page had several people praying for her on it. I started looking more into it and saw that she became very sick a few weeks ago with what they thought was mono. They finally ruled that out and she had so much fluid in her lungs that I saw people mentioning something about pneumonia. From what I have read, it all happened so fast. She passed away this past Friday. She had just had her second baby boy a couple of weeks after I had Dylan. The whole thing has been on my mind and I check her husband, Gabe's, page often to see all of the pictures and updates that he has been giving. I can't even imagine this happening to me. She was my age. Well, a year older, but still.

I am constantly thinking about her and her husband and boys. I wonder how he is handling it. I think he is handling it much better than I would be. He, as many others, have posted such positive comments and I am struggling to find the positive in this situation. I understand that she is watching over her boys, but I do not think that this was part of her plan. I wish she could still be here with her family. I know that she loved them so much and must be heartbroken to not hold her babies anymore.

I was rocking Dylan to sleep tonight and thanking God for putting this little blessing in my life.

Sunday, September 25

Our House: Living Room

I rearranged the furniture by myself in the living room the other day. My shoulders and back are paying for it still. I think I like the layout now, but I might change my mind again. Before, everyone that came to our house would pile on the one chair and ottoman. They would slide backwards, and some even fell, because it would slide on the wood floors. Hopefully now this is resolve that problem. If not, I guess I'll have to get all new furniture, curtains, pillows, and a new rug. :) Just kidding. Kind of. I really do want a new rug, but have you ever priced rugs? I mean, wow. We need a big one, too. At least a 11x13. When Hurley was a puppy, he chewed a whole spot out of the rug. Thankfully it is in the center of the rug, which is always covered by the table/ottoman.

We chose the furniture based on the fact that we are animal lovers and let our dog and cat run the house. They can cuddle on any piece of furniture that they want. So, we needed a color that did not show messes too well.

The entertainment center is a Pottery Barn look alike. I told my Dad which one I wanted from there and he built one exactly like it.

There are a lot of things I would love to change about this room, but those things can wait for now. We have much bigger projects that need our attention (and small ones ;)...) Anyway, the living room doesn't always look like this (clean). You are missing out on all of the toys, bouncer, walker, and ride-on dinosaur that are hidden behind me...

Friday, September 23

Friday favorites

1. American Apparel nail polish -

Only $6.00. Best part? It's made in America! Actually, everything American Apparel is literally "Made in America". That is why you should buy it. Dylan has some onesies from there and they are really great fabric and I really like them, too.

2. Sweet Lulu's -
Tons of amazing party supplies. They aren't the cheapest, but they are for sure the cutest! 

3. The Knot's Wedding Shop -

Really cheap paper lanterns (0.99) in every color and apothecary jars that are the best price!

Thursday, September 15

Friday faves

1. Lilly Bimble downloads (

What do you do with these? Have you ever tried to print up some cute invitations or something, then the background you got off of the internet turns out all blurry? Well, these are cheap downloads that you can use as backgrounds, etc. I have been using them to print on cardstock and then punch out to make cupcake toppers, party labels, etc. The possibilities are endless when you start messing with them!

2. Dani Notes on Etsy (

I went ahead and bought my own phone cover that I had been wanting and it is a good thing that I did it myself and not had someone else get it as a gift. It took a few times of emailing back and forth to get the design exactly how I wanted it. It finally arrive this week and it is so super cute! I love it! Only down side to these is that, they are really just for looks on your phone. They don't help protect it from anything, so you better be careful!

2. Just B - Byou toy cars (

Mark and I went to Target to buy Dylan's 11-month birthday present (yeah whatever, we like to spoil him, he is our kid - get over it) and we went up and down the isles over and over looking for play cars that Mark wanted for him and he was very specific that he wanted one that he could pull back and let it go and it goes forward. Yeah, this was hard to find. We were about to give up and leave and then we spotted some and they are so super cute! Dylan sits and plays and plays with them. These things can go, too! :)

4. Old Navy Hoodie One-Piece for Baby (

I ordered this outfit for Dylan a few weeks ago and he finally got to wear it since it was so chilly outside today. O.M.G. - when he got this outfit on, I almost died of how cute he is! It's the most adorable little outfit and I literally went to the computer and ordered three more of them! One of the exact one he was wearing in a bigger size so I get to see him in it longer and two in other colors. P.S. - they are on SALE right now!

Check out this cute little stinker in his Mommy's favorite outfit while "helping" organize his closet!

Tuesday, September 13

Happy 11 months, Monkey!

Look at everything he can do now:

1. walking (he likes to walk so much that he starts going and when he gets close to a wall, turns around and then keep going back and forth in circles)
2. can say: mama, dada, kuhko (chiko), uh (for uh oh), mmm, yum, hi, bye, huh (for hurley), go, out
3. head bangs to music
4. no more baby tub, sits like a big boy in the tub
5. eat pizza, hamburgers, toast, grilled cheese, mac n cheese, cookies, crackers, french fries, lemonade, apple juice, water, homemade fruit, chicken nuggets
6. plays fetch with hurley
7. opens drawers to get things
8. started wearing cloth diapers
9. claps hands
10. pushes everything around the house

Pretty soon, I am going to have him start taking the trash out! haha ;)

Monday, September 12

Our House: The Pink Bathroom

No house would be complete without a bubblegum pink bathroom, right? Wrong! I totally dislike this bathroom. Actually, both bathrooms that we have in our house. They are pretty much last on the list to get remodeled because it will be a huge mess and we will have to pretty much knock down the walls in the center of the house and do two bathrooms and master closet at one time. Not only will it be a total mess, it will cost a fortune. So, it has been pushed back down on the to-do list and other things get moved up.

I can't really even write about anything that we have done in this bathroom because we have done nothing. Really, nothing. We thought about making it look a bit cleaner by painting the walls above the tile and the vanity area a bright white, but then we thought, "Why waste the paint if we will be getting rid of this anyway?" Then we thought that since it will be a while until we can fully remodel the bathrooms, "We should paint the walls and paint the tile!" Yes, paint the tile. Then, we read more about how that is done and it is ridiculous. So, once again, nothing has been done. Everyone does remember the pink bathroom with a square tub, though. :)

Friday, September 9

Cloth Diaper UPDATE & Friday Favorite

O.K., I have lots of people wondering how the cloth diapering has been going and we have eased into a great routine almost immediately with them! It is going great! There have been some downsides to it, but overall, it's been good.

Here are the diapers I bought:

They are by GroVia and completely organic. I was only able to buy a total of 9 diapers because that is all that the sale site would allow in one purchase. I could have made a separate purchase, but I wanted to make sure I liked them. The downfall to that is, I do like them, and now I can't find more of these without paying $25.00 each. That's crazy business! I spent half that much.

Here they are all tucked up nicely in their basket:

Now, to how it is working out. When I change Dylan, I put a diaper on him and it usually lasts for about 3 hours and then I change it when it is time for his next bottle. I tried to do this yesterday, but he seems to wet out of these quite a bit more and I am having to change him more often. I am not sure if I didn't have his diaper tight enough or if these do not absorb as much, but it does say on the package that the more you wash them, the more absorbent they become. That sounds weird to me, but whatever.

When I change his diaper, I take the current one off, grab a clean one out of his basket  and put it on him. Then, when he is all buttoned up, I take him and set him down by his toys to play, or take him in the bathroom with me to watch as I wash his dirty diaper in the sink. I don't think that you have to wash out the diapers with no.1 in them, but I do anyway. If it's a no. 2 diaper, I try to shake it off in the toilet and then I wash the rest in the sink with warm water, then I drop it in the little "hamper" (it's really a trash can from Target) I bought to go next to the sink while it's still wet.

When it was bath time last night, I had Mark give him a bath while I took all of the dirty diapers and put them in the washing machine. I washed them in warm water with just detergent, no softener. When Dylan got out of the bath, I put him in one of his overnight Pampers. I didn't think the cloth one would hold as much as it needed to during the night with him.

When he fell asleep, I went and got the diapers out of the washer and had them hang on a drying rack by the dining room window. The Sun is the best way of getting rid of stains and it doesn't even have to be direct sunlight, although, these are not stained right now, but they will be I am sure.

I was not expecting them to be completely dry by the morning, but they were! I just grabbed them off of the rack, folded them in half, and put them back in the basket. It was that easy! I encourage some of you to try it if you are thinking about it. I just want to add more to my stash so that I do not have to wash them every night.

My Friday Favorite:

Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash by Philosophy

I bought this a while back when a bunch of Philosophy products were featured on Hautelook's site. I put it in the shower and scrub my face with it for 30 seconds. It works really well and my skin feels sooo smooth and good afterwards. I have even noticed that my bottle is always sitting a different way when I get in the shower (someone else has been using it, too).

Thursday, September 8

Cloth Diapers

Well, our cloth diapers arrived yesterday! I have washed them and Dylan is wearing them today. I kept trying to figure out a "plan" for these things yesterday, like: "When I take one off of him, where will I put it?" "Should I get another hamper?" "Should I put them in the diaper genie?" "Will I wash them every night?" "If so, will I dry them in the dryer, or let them hang to dry?" "If I let them hang dry, I wonder if they will be dry by the next morning?"

I was pretty much stressing myself out trying to figure out a plan and started to convince myself to not even try this anymore. Well, I have calmed down a bit after sleeping on it and I think that I will just go with the flow. I will buy an extra little plastic hamper from Target today and probably set it in the bathroom by the sink. That way, I will wash the diapers out in the toilet or sink and then drop them in the hamper. At the end of the day, I will wash them and let them hang dry. If they aren't dry by the morning, or I run out of them, I will just put him in a disposable one until the others are ready.

All along I kept thinking that if I go to cloth diapers, it should be only cloth diapers. Well, I realistically do not have enough diapers right now to do it without sleeping in the laundry room and constantly doing load after load. So, I will do what I can. We will try them and see how it goes. I do have to say, though, is this not the cutest little tushie in the world?! These diapers are so soft and the perfect color! PERFECT! I thought they were going to be a blah light blue, but they are a, ahem, silver sage color, like a light aqua. So adorable!

Tuesday, September 6

Happy TOOTHday! :)

When I got the picture of my niece, Kati, missing her two front teeth, it immediately brought back memories of the Tooth Fairy for me. I have always been a sucker for fairies and anything magical. I had a special Tooth Fairy pillow that had a pocket on the back of it. When I lost a tooth, you put the tooth in the pocket and sleep with your pillow by your head that night. The Tooth Fairy comes that night and looks in the pocket at your tooth and leaves goodies or some money for you. I loved it! I remember always waking up in the middle of the night to check and see if there was anything in the pocket yet.

When I found out that Kati did not have a Tooth Fairy pillow, I started making her one immediately. I think everyone should have one! :) I am actually pretty impressed that I was able to whip this baby up within about an hour. I think I was making it so quickly because I was going to see her that afternoon and wanted her to have it right away! It turned out so cute and I just loved it! I hope she loves it, too!

Monday, September 5

Mobile Monday

I have realized that some of you that read my blog do not have Facebook and cannot see all of the "mobile" photos I put on their via iPhone. So, here are a few photos that I have captured on my phone of what's going on:

Playing fetch with Hurley:

Waking up from a long nap on Mommy:

Eating blueberries and making a huge mess. HUGE mess:

"Watching" football with Daddy:

Trying on Mommy's glasses:

Drinking Mommy's lemonade and then walking around with "his" cup: