Friday, September 9

Cloth Diaper UPDATE & Friday Favorite

O.K., I have lots of people wondering how the cloth diapering has been going and we have eased into a great routine almost immediately with them! It is going great! There have been some downsides to it, but overall, it's been good.

Here are the diapers I bought:

They are by GroVia and completely organic. I was only able to buy a total of 9 diapers because that is all that the sale site would allow in one purchase. I could have made a separate purchase, but I wanted to make sure I liked them. The downfall to that is, I do like them, and now I can't find more of these without paying $25.00 each. That's crazy business! I spent half that much.

Here they are all tucked up nicely in their basket:

Now, to how it is working out. When I change Dylan, I put a diaper on him and it usually lasts for about 3 hours and then I change it when it is time for his next bottle. I tried to do this yesterday, but he seems to wet out of these quite a bit more and I am having to change him more often. I am not sure if I didn't have his diaper tight enough or if these do not absorb as much, but it does say on the package that the more you wash them, the more absorbent they become. That sounds weird to me, but whatever.

When I change his diaper, I take the current one off, grab a clean one out of his basket  and put it on him. Then, when he is all buttoned up, I take him and set him down by his toys to play, or take him in the bathroom with me to watch as I wash his dirty diaper in the sink. I don't think that you have to wash out the diapers with no.1 in them, but I do anyway. If it's a no. 2 diaper, I try to shake it off in the toilet and then I wash the rest in the sink with warm water, then I drop it in the little "hamper" (it's really a trash can from Target) I bought to go next to the sink while it's still wet.

When it was bath time last night, I had Mark give him a bath while I took all of the dirty diapers and put them in the washing machine. I washed them in warm water with just detergent, no softener. When Dylan got out of the bath, I put him in one of his overnight Pampers. I didn't think the cloth one would hold as much as it needed to during the night with him.

When he fell asleep, I went and got the diapers out of the washer and had them hang on a drying rack by the dining room window. The Sun is the best way of getting rid of stains and it doesn't even have to be direct sunlight, although, these are not stained right now, but they will be I am sure.

I was not expecting them to be completely dry by the morning, but they were! I just grabbed them off of the rack, folded them in half, and put them back in the basket. It was that easy! I encourage some of you to try it if you are thinking about it. I just want to add more to my stash so that I do not have to wash them every night.

My Friday Favorite:

Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash by Philosophy

I bought this a while back when a bunch of Philosophy products were featured on Hautelook's site. I put it in the shower and scrub my face with it for 30 seconds. It works really well and my skin feels sooo smooth and good afterwards. I have even noticed that my bottle is always sitting a different way when I get in the shower (someone else has been using it, too).

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