Friday, September 2

Cloth diapers... Really, Kari??!

I have had a few turned up noses when I mention that I am wanting to switch to cloth diapers for Dylan. Why now? Well, Dylan doesn't have a "dirty diaper" every single diaper change anymore. He only does #2 usually once a day. I have heard rumors that kids that wear cloth diapers potty train much faster, too. (We will see if that's true or not) And, its much much cheaper in the long run.

Well, I have been waiting and waiting for these expensive cloth diapers that just have snaps or whatnot on them to go on one of my favorite sale websites. I had seen them on there once when I was pregnant, but didn't think I needed to spend that much and was not the least bit interested in that mess, so I didn't get them. I was about to give up on the idea and then today, sure enough, they popped up for an amazing deal! I went to and I was in shock at the great price they had these diapers. So, long story short, I bought some.

I got the "AIO" (all-in-one) diaper because it seems like a waste to buy the ones that you put inserts in and then throw those away each time. These are the real deal. When they are dirty, you take them off and wash them.

I wish I got this cute teal color, but um, that color is not on the sale site, so there is no way I would buy ONE DIAPER for $25, just to have the "new colors". I got Dylan 9 light blue colored ones. Wish me luck! I would love any advice on cloth diapering, so I don't have this house a total mess smelling like pee and poop! :)

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