Thursday, September 8

Cloth Diapers

Well, our cloth diapers arrived yesterday! I have washed them and Dylan is wearing them today. I kept trying to figure out a "plan" for these things yesterday, like: "When I take one off of him, where will I put it?" "Should I get another hamper?" "Should I put them in the diaper genie?" "Will I wash them every night?" "If so, will I dry them in the dryer, or let them hang to dry?" "If I let them hang dry, I wonder if they will be dry by the next morning?"

I was pretty much stressing myself out trying to figure out a plan and started to convince myself to not even try this anymore. Well, I have calmed down a bit after sleeping on it and I think that I will just go with the flow. I will buy an extra little plastic hamper from Target today and probably set it in the bathroom by the sink. That way, I will wash the diapers out in the toilet or sink and then drop them in the hamper. At the end of the day, I will wash them and let them hang dry. If they aren't dry by the morning, or I run out of them, I will just put him in a disposable one until the others are ready.

All along I kept thinking that if I go to cloth diapers, it should be only cloth diapers. Well, I realistically do not have enough diapers right now to do it without sleeping in the laundry room and constantly doing load after load. So, I will do what I can. We will try them and see how it goes. I do have to say, though, is this not the cutest little tushie in the world?! These diapers are so soft and the perfect color! PERFECT! I thought they were going to be a blah light blue, but they are a, ahem, silver sage color, like a light aqua. So adorable!

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