Thursday, September 15

Friday faves

1. Lilly Bimble downloads (

What do you do with these? Have you ever tried to print up some cute invitations or something, then the background you got off of the internet turns out all blurry? Well, these are cheap downloads that you can use as backgrounds, etc. I have been using them to print on cardstock and then punch out to make cupcake toppers, party labels, etc. The possibilities are endless when you start messing with them!

2. Dani Notes on Etsy (

I went ahead and bought my own phone cover that I had been wanting and it is a good thing that I did it myself and not had someone else get it as a gift. It took a few times of emailing back and forth to get the design exactly how I wanted it. It finally arrive this week and it is so super cute! I love it! Only down side to these is that, they are really just for looks on your phone. They don't help protect it from anything, so you better be careful!

2. Just B - Byou toy cars (

Mark and I went to Target to buy Dylan's 11-month birthday present (yeah whatever, we like to spoil him, he is our kid - get over it) and we went up and down the isles over and over looking for play cars that Mark wanted for him and he was very specific that he wanted one that he could pull back and let it go and it goes forward. Yeah, this was hard to find. We were about to give up and leave and then we spotted some and they are so super cute! Dylan sits and plays and plays with them. These things can go, too! :)

4. Old Navy Hoodie One-Piece for Baby (

I ordered this outfit for Dylan a few weeks ago and he finally got to wear it since it was so chilly outside today. O.M.G. - when he got this outfit on, I almost died of how cute he is! It's the most adorable little outfit and I literally went to the computer and ordered three more of them! One of the exact one he was wearing in a bigger size so I get to see him in it longer and two in other colors. P.S. - they are on SALE right now!

Check out this cute little stinker in his Mommy's favorite outfit while "helping" organize his closet!

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