Tuesday, September 13

Happy 11 months, Monkey!

Look at everything he can do now:

1. walking (he likes to walk so much that he starts going and when he gets close to a wall, turns around and then keep going back and forth in circles)
2. can say: mama, dada, kuhko (chiko), uh (for uh oh), mmm, yum, hi, bye, huh (for hurley), go, out
3. head bangs to music
4. no more baby tub, sits like a big boy in the tub
5. eat pizza, hamburgers, toast, grilled cheese, mac n cheese, cookies, crackers, french fries, lemonade, apple juice, water, homemade fruit, chicken nuggets
6. plays fetch with hurley
7. opens drawers to get things
8. started wearing cloth diapers
9. claps hands
10. pushes everything around the house

Pretty soon, I am going to have him start taking the trash out! haha ;)

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