Friday, September 2

Our House: Kitchen

Thanks for all of the sweet comments/ facebook messages/ emails about the dining room post I did last weekend. It is one of my favorite rooms in the house, next to the kitchen, after Dylan's room, lol.

Here are pictures of our kitchen. The paint color is once again, Silver Sage. My 3 favorite rooms in the house are all painted Silver Sage. One of my favorite things about our kitchen are the counter tops. They are Silestone. I don't have to seal it, can use any cleaners on it, and don't ever need a cutting board, I just do everything on the counter and have no worries.

Oh yeah, does this room look finished? Don't be fooled! lol Don't look up - the ceiling has yet to be painted still. The garden window is not painted as it should be, the base boards do not have caulking around them, the nails haven't been painted white, and the list goes on, but you didn't notice any of that, right? ;)

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