Sunday, September 25

Our House: Living Room

I rearranged the furniture by myself in the living room the other day. My shoulders and back are paying for it still. I think I like the layout now, but I might change my mind again. Before, everyone that came to our house would pile on the one chair and ottoman. They would slide backwards, and some even fell, because it would slide on the wood floors. Hopefully now this is resolve that problem. If not, I guess I'll have to get all new furniture, curtains, pillows, and a new rug. :) Just kidding. Kind of. I really do want a new rug, but have you ever priced rugs? I mean, wow. We need a big one, too. At least a 11x13. When Hurley was a puppy, he chewed a whole spot out of the rug. Thankfully it is in the center of the rug, which is always covered by the table/ottoman.

We chose the furniture based on the fact that we are animal lovers and let our dog and cat run the house. They can cuddle on any piece of furniture that they want. So, we needed a color that did not show messes too well.

The entertainment center is a Pottery Barn look alike. I told my Dad which one I wanted from there and he built one exactly like it.

There are a lot of things I would love to change about this room, but those things can wait for now. We have much bigger projects that need our attention (and small ones ;)...) Anyway, the living room doesn't always look like this (clean). You are missing out on all of the toys, bouncer, walker, and ride-on dinosaur that are hidden behind me...

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