Monday, September 12

Our House: The Pink Bathroom

No house would be complete without a bubblegum pink bathroom, right? Wrong! I totally dislike this bathroom. Actually, both bathrooms that we have in our house. They are pretty much last on the list to get remodeled because it will be a huge mess and we will have to pretty much knock down the walls in the center of the house and do two bathrooms and master closet at one time. Not only will it be a total mess, it will cost a fortune. So, it has been pushed back down on the to-do list and other things get moved up.

I can't really even write about anything that we have done in this bathroom because we have done nothing. Really, nothing. We thought about making it look a bit cleaner by painting the walls above the tile and the vanity area a bright white, but then we thought, "Why waste the paint if we will be getting rid of this anyway?" Then we thought that since it will be a while until we can fully remodel the bathrooms, "We should paint the walls and paint the tile!" Yes, paint the tile. Then, we read more about how that is done and it is ridiculous. So, once again, nothing has been done. Everyone does remember the pink bathroom with a square tub, though. :)

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