Wednesday, October 26

Apple pickin'

We took Dylan to the apple orchard today! He got to ride for the first time in his new big boy car seat, thanks to Nonnie & Duke! He loves facing forward and look at him holding his favorite baby rattle! It's the rattle they gave us at the hospital when he was born and says, "Shake this rattle, not your baby!" Makes me laugh. Not like shaking babies is funny, just... well, nevermind. It's his favorite.

This was a first time to the apple orchard for all three of us. To be honest, we were a bit disappointed. Mark and I both had this vision of a festive apple place (kind of like a Cracker Barrel type setting) with country/old time music playing and fun things all around. Well, it wasn't. It was basically a little hole-in-the-wall building with a restaurant in the back room (I don't know if it could be called a 'restaurant' because I doubt it would pass any food codes.) We did plan on eating there, but soon changed our minds. The apples were also a little disappointing, too. It wasn't anyone's fault, just no rain = bad cotton crops & apples. They were teeny tiny apples this year, but that is O.K. We still went and picked some and Dylan enjoyed it.

He did not want to be carried around or hold our hands to walk. He wanted to be a big boy and walk all by himself. So, we let him. He fell. Ate dirt. Literally.

He didn't cry, though. He just popped right back up, all covered in brown and kept on going. 

We brushed him off a little bit and Mark decided the walk was taking a bit too long due to tiny legs and feet following us. So, since he wouldn't let us carry him, Mark scooped him up and put him in the bucket with the apples we picked. He liked riding in the bucket a lot and just stood there.

Once we got back to the front, we had him pose with a pumpkin and look at the little pond of water they had. He had a good time and that means we all had a good time! :)

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