Monday, October 31

Boo for Halloween

Here are the highlights of our Halloween weekend/day:

- I had been planning to take Dylan for over a month to the Vintage Township Fall Festival Carnival as his little Trick-Or-Treat night, but discovered an hour beforehand that it was the night before. We missed it.

- Decided to take him to one at the Tech Campus that night (Saturday) to one we found out about online. It was game time. Bad traffic. The event was horrible and in a small dark room. The college kids scared him with their scary masks. He cried. We left.

- We were told several times that our "little girl is the cutest thing," and "she is so adorable!"

- Took a few pictures of him in his costume since we were certain he would never let us touch him with it again. He hated the feathers in his face.

- Made my favorite Pumpkin cupcakes and even got out all of the garbage to decorate them all nicely, went to change a diaper, came back into the kitchen, and half the batch of cupcakes were missing with a dog licking his lips. He even ate the paper wrappers. Oh, and Dylan's lunch that was on the counter.

- Helped Mark clean the garage on Sunday. Dylan had fun helping and running freely in the garage. He fell. Skinned his nose on the cement and banged his head for the 10th time that day.

- Got a text message on Monday afternoon from Mark to tell me that he was on crutches and did something to his knee. He went to the doctor and they determined a torn Meniscus. He has an MRI on Wednesday evening and we will know more after that. Possible surgery. He is "wounded" and "helpless".

- I made up some cute boxed pumpkin cupcakes with Halloween stickers and a nice big bowl of candy for trick-or-treators. We had one come to the door. Yes, one. Just one.

- Decided that before it got too late since Monkey was in a good mood, to try and put his costume on him and take him a couple of doors down to trick-or-treat. He loved it. He rode in his wagon.

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Check out his battle wounds. They are hard to miss. ;)

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