Friday, October 7

Friday Favorites

1. Tiny Toms

Since Dylan has been walking, he likes to get down outside and I always put shoes on his feet so he doesn't step on something or get bit by the ants. He has a pair of velcro Converse, but they are so heavy and have such a flat bottom, they were difficult for him to walk in. The only other pair that he had (that fits) was a pair of squeaker shoes. He loves these things and just stands and stomps his feet really fast because they squeak, but I would have to tie the shoe laces and then they would come untied immediately. So, I went ahead and decided to order a pair of Tiny TOMS. I was actually hesitant because they are $28 +shipping for a pair of baby shoes! Well, they are worth it! They are the only shoes that I can slip on his moving little legs and let him go. He loves them and walks in them so easily. Plus, they are so stylish. He gets compliments everywhere we go! He has a pair of red, white, and now I was finally able to get some navy blue Bimini's. The Bimini's have been out of stock for months now and really difficult to find, but Nordstrom got them back on their website and in his size! Plus, Nordstrom now offers free shipping on all of their orders! :)

The picture below is of the Tiny TOMS Bimini shoe. You can purchase those here
If you would like to purchase from the TOMS website, I have a $5 off code that you can use on any purchase here. ($5 off promotional code: CC47)

2. EQ Printables Inkjet Fabric Sheets

You just print on these sheet of fabric like normal paper through your printer, wash it, and then sew it on! It's that easy and really works! I have been using them to print Double T's on and then sewing them on clothing because the Double T's are really difficult to make otherwise. It turns out really good and I love it! I have also made some clothing labels on the fabric sheet and cut it out and sew them on the clothing I make, too. You can buy it here.

3. Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery & Sewing Machine

I've only had it a few days and I love it! I had been sewing on my mom's sewing machine to learn and they bought me this one for my birthday. Once I finally started messing around on it (learned to just sew straight stitches, etc. on scrap fabric) it put her old machine to shame. Really. I am so impressed because there are people that pay 10 times (literally) as much on a machine for it to do the things this one does. It is on sale at Amazon here and also qualifies for free two-day shipping if you are a Prime member like I suggest everyone should be. I purchased a couple of embroidery designs from this website last night to see if they downloaded on the sewing machine easily and worked and they did! I just followed the instructions on the CD that came with the machine and it was really simple. If you are thinking about getting a sewing machine, I strongly suggest this one. It is a great price even for a boring straight-stitch machine, but it also embroiders!

Here is a picture of my machine at work. I was just standing there watching it and get really excited.

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