Friday, October 21

Friday favorites

1. Save On Crafts website - visit HERE

I just discovered this website by clicking on a pin on Pinterest. It has all sorts of things for decorating for a wedding, shower, event, party, or even your home. Check out the 'SPECIALS' section and get ready to go insane at how cheap some of the stuff is!

2. Pure ICE 'Free Fall' nail polish -

I went to paint my toe nails the other day and randomly picked up a brand new bottle out of my stash I had never seen before. It was really weird. I don't remember even buying this and haven't purchased any nail polish in a very long time, either. The color looked a little tacky bright to me at first, but I decided to try it out. It looked AWESOME! I love it and have already gotten a ton of compliments on it and have no idea where it came from! I am assuming that someone bought it for me? Maybe a gift from a former student? I honestly can't think of where it came from! If you know, please tell me because it's really bothering me that I can't remember! I ended up googling the name and found that Wal-Mart sells it. Hmmm.

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