Thursday, October 20

Our "Schedule"

I am not sure if I am the only strange person that does this, but when I meet another stay-at-home-mom, I always ask what they do during the day. It may be the teacher in me that likes to be organized and have a plan or agenda to follow each day, but I really try to stick to a schedule and find new things to do with Dylan. I feel like it must be so boring for him to just stay at home and play with the same toys, see the same person, and watch the same T.V. shows. Having the swing set built now has really helped and I try to take him out there to play at least once a day.

Since the weather has been cooling down some, I am thinking about taking him and Hurley on walks in the morning, but sometimes I get scared that another dog that is loose or roaming will come up to us and do something. I am not scared for me or Dylan, haha, I am scared that something might happen to Hurley if he got in a fight or something. I know, weird. Maybe I should carry some form of protection. Anyway, in case anyone is curious about what we do for a daily "schedule" now, here it is:

8:00 - Wake-up, change diaper, have a morning bottle and watch T.V. (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)
8:30 - 9:00 - Mommy eats cereal and sometimes gives Dylan a little snack, like toast.
9:00 - 11:00 - Free time/play with toys/ watch T.V. (I think that this would be a good time to go on a walk)
11:00 - Have an afternoon bottle and take a nap (Mommy gets dressed and does stuff)
1:00 - Wake up, eat lunch together
2:00 - Get Dylan dressed
2:30 - Go somewhere, run errands (Target, Grocery store, etc.) or play outside
3:30 - Come home and have a bottle
4:30 - Take a nap
6:30 - Eat dinner
7:00 - Play with toys, play with Daddy since he is home now
8:00 - Take a bath, put jammies on, play with toys
9:00 - 9:30 - Night time bottle and watch T.V.
10:00 - Bed time

* This is all "-ish" times and naps, meaning, it doesn't always happen at that time, and the naps, well, they don't always happen. Sometimes, he is very grumpy and it takes me a good 45 minutes to try and get him to sleep.

I really do need to incorporate more fun stuff in our day. I am glad the birthday party planning is over and I can start something else. Oh, and once again, thank goodness for the swing set that Daddy built him!

(This is Dylan "testing" me. I kept telling him "No, sit down." and he was being very sassy back to me and trying to be a dare devil! I wonder where all of that comes from? O.K., dare devil = Mark, Sassy= me)

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