Monday, October 3

Our Weekend

Friday morning we woke up to a sick little boy. He started to fuss and as he went to inhale, we heard the worst sound! It was the exact barking noise he made when we had to take him to the emergency room back in March and was diagnosed with croup. I wasn't going to take any chances and at 8:00 on the dot, I called his pediatrician's office. They got me in immediately later that morning to see him. Sure enough, they said I was right, and he was in the early stages of croup. If we would have waited, we would have ended up back in the emergency room again. I am so so glad I took him in. They got us all fixed up with some meds that he has been taking all weekend.

We have been filling the humidifier like crazy and even sat in the steamy bathroom a couple of times. I am hoping that it goes away really soon, but I am still keeping a close eye on him since he is still all stuffed-up.

Later that night, my parents came in town to help us get some more things done before Dylan's big birthday bash. It helped, but we are still drowning in to-do lists (plus, we have a sick baby).

Since the focus will be on Dylan and his birthday in about a week, we decided to celebrate my birthday this weekend. They gave me gifts and we braved taking our sick lil' guy out to eat. He did great, but didn't eat anything. He was tired and didn't have much of an appetite. When we came home, I opened gifts. Mark gave me a mega zoom lens for my camera that I still need to figure out and my parents gave me the embroidery sewing machine that I have been wanting (I need to figure out how to work it, too.)

The big day is getting so close. Invitations have been mailed. There's no turning back now :)

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